Milwaukee M18 Grinder – 2680-20


If you have been reading our posts, then you know I upgraded my tool collection with the Milwaukee M18 line.  I got the 4 piece combo kit model 2630-20 to start the collection.  The kit did not come with a grinder, so since I only have three other grinders, I had to get the Milwaukee.  While the other tools in the line up have impressed me, the grinder is nice, but not as impressive.  Don’t get me wrong the balance and power are great, but I could do without the OP.

The battery powers a 4 pole frame-less motor that turns the disk at 9,000 RPM’s.  One disappointment was the tool didn’t come with any disks or grinding wheel, yes I am that cheap.  However it does come with both guards the type 1 and 27 guard.  Before we get into the OP and why that irritates me, lets cover the pro’s to this tool which are numerous.  First is the balance of the tool.  The balance and feel to this grinder are awesome.  I love the large paddle switch, so you can use all your fingers to power this bad boy.  Besides the paddle, two things I love about this tool are the side handle and the guards.


Milwaukee put a user optional handle not only on the right and left side of the tool, but also the top of the tool.  There are many applications where the top handle approach is the way to go.  When you don’t have it, you need it.  So I am happy Milwaukee included this.  The next thing I love about this grinder is the guard system.  To change the guard angle, you don’t need a tool, I love it.  No more pains trying to adjust guards.  Just push the spring loaded button and turn the guard to the desired position an your set to go.

Ok now the downside to this tool, the OP or Overload Protection.  I understand why manufactures put OP on tools, but I just don’t like it.  We recently reviewed the Ridgid reciprocating saw and after pushing down hard, but not to hard, the saw stopped on us and that was cutting a 2×4.  As you can see by the video below, the same thing happened with this grinder.  Now I was putting extra pressure on the grinder to show how the OP works, but not a heck of a lot of pressure.  We were cutting through 1/2″ rebar and it stopped on us.  Not a big deal because it resets right away, but still enough to be annoying.  This happened to us a few times on different applications.  I just think it’s a little to sensitive.  All this means to me is I will still use the grinder, but I will probably grab one of my older cordless grinders that doesn’t have the OP or a corded grinder that can take a little more abuse.

Overall this is a great grinder despite the OP.  The balance and set up of the tool is great.  The guard system is great and makes my life easier, which is always a plus.



  1. I know this review is 4 years old, but how does this compare with the fuel version? I have this one, but am considering buying up to get the fuel.


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