Milwaukee 29 Piece Shockwave Drive


Ok I am done buying cheap bits.  There are certain things you can not be cheap about and bits are at the top of the list, with Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and safety gear.  There is no substitute.  I am a cheap A**, but not anymore with Bits.  Not too long ago, I bought a 114 piece bit set that had a boat load of #2 bits, magnetic holders and a bunch of other stuff.  I was very smart and only paid about $20 for the set, yeah looking back that was a give away that I was in for problems.  When I got the kit home, I put the magnetic bit holder in the drill, put my #2 bit on and attached a screw.  Well the screw didn’t even hold and when I fastened the screw to a piece of wood to try it out, the bit busted right away.  I thought to myself, so much for being smart, I was taking for $20 and got nothing in return.  Well lesson learned, don’t be cheap with bits.

Now I go all out with bits and one of the bits I have been using lately is the Milwaukee shockwave.  The kit I have is the 29 impact drive bit set model 48-32-4401.  The kit comes with the following items:

  • Phillips Bits: 1″ – (1) P1, (7) P2, (2) P3; 2″ Power – (2) P2, (1) P3
  • Square Bits: 1″ – (1) SQ1, (4) SQ2, (1) SQ3; 2″ Power – (2) SQ2
  • Torx® Bits: 1″ – (1) T15, (1) T20, (1) T25; 2″ Power – (1) T25
  • Magnetic Nut Drivers: (1) 1/4″ Red, (1) 5/16″ Amber, (1) 3/8″ Blue
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder
  • (1) Case with Bulk Storage Container


When I first heard about the Shockwave, I didn’t think much about it.  When we went to the Milwaukee event and saw them in action, I was sold.  I have to say these bits are worth every penny.  If you look at the bit up close, you can see the shock zone.  This zone absorbs shock and prolongs the life of the bit, great for heavy duty use.  The bits are made from a proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness.  The forged tip allows for a secure grip and maximum contact eliminating stripping or slipping.

If you haven’t tried these impact bit, you have to give them a try, you’ll be hooked.


Check out the Shockwave video



  1. I have this set too. I haven’t used them much yet (and hardly at all with an impact driver), but I plan on using it as my go-to bit set.

    The one thing that annoys me is the storage compartment on the left side of the case. The way in which the door hinges open makes the left-most compartment (a whole 1/3 of the space) just about completely useless. If they had designed the hinge a little better, I think this would be a near-perfect set.

    • Good point. The bits are nice and case not to bad, but you do loose that 1/3 which stinks. I ended up putting my bit extensions in that compartment, but only can get three of them in there.


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