Metabo Heated Jacket

Metabo Heated Jacket

We have done a ton of heated jacket over the years.  Most of them from Milwaukee, but when we were at the World of Concrete, we saw Metabo has a new jacket available.  Of course, we just had to get our hands on one and try it out.  While Metabo wasn’t the first to market for heated jackets, I can say the Metabo Heated Jacket does offer things that other jackets don’t.

The first thing you will probably notice is the style and color of this jacket.  For some reason, I really love the olive green jacket.  Not sure why, but it just looks cool.  If you are new to the heated jacket market, just make sure when you buy one, buy one that fits a little snug.  When a heated jacket is too big, you don’t get the full effect of the heat.  For me, I like the jackets bigger because it allows me to move around easier.  I tend to always have a hoodie underneath.  I am not sure what the outside is made of, but it feels like a quality material.  According to Metabo it is wind- and water-resistant, plus tear-proof material.  Good enough for me.  On the inside, there is a nice lined fleece to help keep the warmth in.  One item I love about this jacket are the pockets and zippers.  The zippers are very easy to open and close, plus they are water resistant. There are a whole bunch of pockets on the Metabo Heated Jacket.  There are the traditional hand pockets, plus on one sleeve, you have a zipper pocket and the other sleeve is a place to keep a couple of pen or pencils.  Each chest has a zippered pocket, plus an open pocket on the inside.  They even have a hood that can be concealed in the neck line.  Here is one cool idea that Metabo incorporated with this jacket.  While all the other manufacturers only allow the user to keep the battery on one side, Metabo has a place located on each side.  The battery is towards the back, but you can place it on the right or left side of your jacket.  This is a huge plus because you do get into positions, such as driving, where the battery is sticking you.  Speaking of batteries, you can power this jacket with either the 18V or 14.4v Metabo battery.  The battery slides onto a pack that also has two USB ports and a LED light in case you need a little extra light.

Run time is awesome.  You can get up to 18 hours of runtime on low with an 18v battery.  Want to run it a little hotter?  Well the time will drop down to 6 hours on high.   In order to activate the heat, you can locate the buttons on the inside of the jacket.  Metabo designed this to let the user pick how they want to heat their body.  There are two independent push button options.  One button will turn the front on and the other button will turn on your back burners.  You can even run them both at the same time.  A cool feature about this is you can have your back on high and your front on low.

Metabo did a great job with the Metabo Heated Jacket.  The color is cool, plus it seems very durable.  So not only can you look stylish around your co-workers, but you can actually work in this jacket and know it will take some abuse.  Currently this is the only jacket available and not sure if they have plans to expand this line.  Either way, this jacket is a great addition to your cold weather work conditions.


  1. That Metabo heated jacket sure is sweet! I like the quality of the ripstop fabric. Since we are headed in to spring here, I’m hoping that we might catch a sale on it, I sure would like to get one for next year! Oh did I say I like that color too!

  2. Definitely does look cool and the extra features make it appealing. The light looks like a decent idea, always have it with you while wearing the jacket, very interesting take on this whole heated jacket thing… #tiacrew

  3. I love my heated jacket. A do not have experience with metabo but I have heard only but good things about it. Another great review.

  4. As with most heated jackets and/or heated gear, i am afraid to wear a/an $150+ sweatshirt to a jobsite wear its prob just gonna get destroyed as is the eventual fate of all my construction gear. Just a thought

  5. I love metabo but they need to hit harder in the US market, lowes was a bad choice for them, they could have done much better at HD. Sweet jacket though! #TIACREW

  6. Will we still be seeing as much of Metabo as we used to, I would think the focus will be more on dewalt and Milwaukee now with the partnership with the Home Depot, would this also be the case with the European brands?


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