Win a $100 Gift Card to Amazon


As you know we give away something each month on the power tool forum.  Best of all, the Crew decides who wins.  Yes, you could be the lucky winner to win a $100 gift card to Amazon. We were late to the power tool forum giveaway, but not to worry as we are making it up with a $100 shopping spree to Amazon. The voting starts today so don’t forget to register on the forum and enter someone to win. Here is the link – Amazon $100 Giveaway.


  1. This gift card might be enough to get a power tool, but not a piece of power equipment, I looked at Ego, and everything they sell is well over 100 dollars, and their mower is like 450 dollars lol. Anyways still nice to have, and I am sure that Jimbo can make good use of it, as I am voting for him. 🙂


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