Stanley FatMax Professional-Grade Water and Garden Hose

industrial water hose - lifetime warranty

Need a good hose?  No need to look anymore the Stanley FatMax water hose is a high quality industrial grade hose that is great for the garden or the shop.  It has a 500 PSI burst strength.  That is about 10 times the PSI of the typical neighborhood water system.  It is made with Polyfusion and Anti Kink technology.  Nothing is worse than when you pull on your hose and a kink develops,  not with the FatMax.  This hose is designed to be left out in the sun and not degrade, it will take any abuse you throw at it.

industrial water hoseThe couplings of the hose are encased with big grips that will keep you from fumbling around trying to tighten them.  This equates togarden hose no leaks as you can snug them in tight with ease.  The encased couplings also prevent you from damaging the hose if you step or droll over the hose.  It also can handle extreme cold temperatures without cracking.  Ever ran over your hose with our mower?  The yellow color makes this hose stand out and the only time time you will run over it is if you had one too many beers mowing.

Stanley really did a good job on this one, it has a lifetime warranty and will survive for many years of use.  Check out the reviews on Amazon.  It is available in a variety of sizes.  Both the homeowner and professional will reap the benefits of this hose.  No gimmicks, just a good quality hose that can get the job done.






  1. Very nice, I could use one except I take really good care of mine, which are good ones to begin with. Hate the cheapo super flimsy kink ridden ones. This hose could really go places and maybe sometime I will get one… #tiacrew

  2. Good quality hoses are hard to find. It looks like this one is high quality. Pvc hoses are junk and the pocket hose always breaks the first time you use it. Good find. Good video and God review


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