Makita Announces New CXT 12V Impact Wrench

CXT 12V Impact Wrench

Makita has made a name for the CXT line of 12V cordless tools.  While the tools may be small, they pack a powerful punch. If you are a mechanic, working with cabinetry or in the trades who need a tool that packs a powerful punch, the CXT is a line that might interest you.

Features & Information


Name – Makita 12V Max CXT Cordless Impact Wrench
Models – WT05Z (bare Tools), WT05R1 (kit)


  • Anvil Size – 3/8″
  • Max Torque – 120 Ft-Lbs.
  • Nut Busting Torque – 210 Ft-Lbs.
  • Weight – 2.2 Lbs with 2Ah battery
  • Variable Speed – 0-1,300 / 0-2,400
  • IPM – 0-3,600 IPM
  • Length – 5-5/8”
  • Auto-Stop Mode

Check out Makita for more information – Makita WT05R1 and WT05Z

Price & Release Date

Both models are currently available today.  You can pick up the WT05R1 on Amazon for about $223 and the bare kit is priced around $152.

Our Thoughts

Quality – Makita always seems to make a quality tool.  The 12V line of tools are smaller than their 18V tools but they seem to be just as tough.

Size – When you pick up a CXT tool, the first thing you notice is the size and light weight of the tool.  However, when you use them, they will surprise you with their power.  Now we haven’t used this tool since the news just came out, but I would imagine this will give you the same feeling.  For only being 2.2 lbs with a battery and the length a little over 5″, 120 ft-lbs of torque is pretty impressive.

Price – I can’t really balk at the $223 price tag for the kit.  For the power, the size makes it a great option for most mechanics who aren’t ripping an engine block apart.  Engine compartments are much tighter today than there were 10 or 15 years ago.  So having this much power in a small size is worth the price tag.

Wrap It Up

12V tools have come a long way over the years and the CXT line has been one of the leaders.  While I haven’t used this tool, I am a fan of the other Makita 12V tools. I love the power, the size and the overall feel of the tool.  I would assume this tool would fall in the same reasons to love as the other 12V tools.  So anyone in the trades who needs power but not the weight and bulkiness of an 18V tool, this seems like a good option.


  1. 3/8, I presume? I’ve got the subcompacts, and like em, but I’m primarily a dewalt guy at 20 & 60 (18&54 lol). I actually picked up the subs out of interest in a smaller tool like 12s, but don’t like stempack handles, and figured Makita 18s would open me up to their router and other (at the time…) unique teal stuff. I’m getting more interested in a 12v line again, though and I’m bouncing between waiting on the new DeWalt 12s or grabbing a cxt or two. 3/8s is a core tool for me, either way. Thanks for the coverage ?


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