Makita XDT14 Impact Review

Makita XDT14 Impact Review

When it comes to impact drivers, Makita is known as one of the leading power tool manufacturers for this category.  Not sure if it all started with the 12V impact driver that everyone owned back in the day or the quality of their impact driver.  I am sure it’s a little bit of both.  So today we are covering a more modern version of the 12V impact driver, the Makita XDT14 Impact Review.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review Overview

Impact drivers are an amazing tool for driving large fasteners such as 3″ screws or lag screws.  While they were first introduced in Japan, the US quickly caught on and realized the potential of these tools. Now you will find an impact driver in any tool arsenal as they are great for cabinetry work, drywall and a ton of other tasks. So let’s dive into the Makita XDT14.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review Features

The Makita XDT14 uses a brushless motor that delivers up to 1,550 in-lbs of torque. The tool is designed for power but also to be used in tight spaces.  The tool only weighs 3.3 lbs with a battery and is 4-5/8″ in length. The tool features a quick shift mode that balances speed and power to match the application at hand.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review

The kit comes with two 5Ah batteries.  These batteries are part of the Makita 18V line of power tools.

The tool has a 1/4″ chuck that is a one-handed operation.  So just insert the bit and it will lock into place.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review

The impact is built with a variable speed trigger.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review

On the base of the tool is where you can control the speed.  There are three speeds with a T-Mode.

  • Speed 1 – 0 – 1,100 rpm, 0 – 1,100 ipm
  • Speed 2 – 0 -2,100 rpm, 0 – 2,600 ipm
  • Speed 3 – 0 – 3,600 rpm, 0 – 3,800 ipm

The T-Mode is a tightening mode for self-drilling screws. The drill “Downshifts” and reduces rotation and impact to protect the screw and the work.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review

The handle is designed with a rubber over mold.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review

Just above the trigger, there are two LED lights that are activated when you press the trigger but can also be controlled with an independent button on the base of the driver.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review Performance

So here is the deal.  We can do so much with this to test the impact driver such as see how many screws it will drive before the battery dies, we can find out the largest lag it will sink, but that’s not what I am looking at for this tool.

With today’s impacts, they all last a long time before the battery needs to be changed and you can easily get past the 30 to 60 minute charge time with a battery, so time isn’t a concern.  For the lags, if you are sinking large lags all day, you won’t be using this type of impact, so why test it?

This is the type of tool you will use for drywall, cabinets, HVAC and other daily tasks. So for me, the most important thing is can it sink a 3″ screw because of most of the time, we won’t be going over this size.  Also, how are the ergonomics since I will be using this all day long? Will it feel like a brick at the end of the day? Will the grip cause my arthritis to act up at the end of the day?  So ergonomics is important.

It’s no surprise this can sink 3.5″ screws and below with ease.  So when it comes to performing tasks, it’s really a no brainer. Even the T-mode works great and does exactly what they advertise.

So for ergonomics, yes this is one of the best feeling and all-around impact drivers.  When you consider the power to weight ratio, it rocks. While I love the 5Ah battery for run time, the 2Ah battery just makes this tool stand out above the rest.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review Value

You can pick this up at your local Home Depot for about $308 for the kit.  You can buy a bare tool cheaper, but I love the 5Ah batteries and the case.  Overall, it’s a decent price.  Sure I would like to see it cheaper, but I understand what this tool can do and who it’s designed for, so the price isn’t a bad deal.

Makita XDT14 Impact Review Final Thoughts

Overall, I love this impact. While it’s powerful and has some very cool features, I love the ergonomics of this tool.  It’s lightweight, with a light head which means you can use it all day and even get in tight spots.  Sure, I would like to see it priced around the $260 mark, but it is a quality tool that is made for the professional and made to last the daily abuse so I can’t balk at the price.


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