Bosch Bulldog Bit

Bosch Bulldog Bit

We live in a world full of concrete.  You will find it in the office you work in, the road you travel to work on, the sidewalk you take from the concrete parking lot to the building.  Concrete is an everyday part of our lives.  Concrete is durable, tough and relatively inexpensive.  When it comes to concrete, Bosch is one of the main power tool manufacturers who every professional looks to for some of the best concrete tools in the business.  Today we are talking about the Bosch Bulldog bit.


We all know that concrete is solid and with that said, you need a quality power tool and bit to be able to work with this tough and hard material. Here is the kicker, while concrete is tough, it does have its limitations.  So one way to strengthen concrete is to add a solid piece of rebar to make this material even tougher.

Once the concrete is poured, you have to work with this material.  You have to drill holes to run pipes, install anchors and all sorts of other things.  If you have ever tried to drill through concrete you know that a rotary hammer is the best option but the problem always comes in when you hit rebar.  Either you break a bit, the tool just spins and won’t go through rebar or worse yet, the tool binds and messes up your wrist, arm or shoulder.

So Bosch has a bit that will help solve some of these problems, The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme.

Bosch Bulldog Bit – Information

Bosch Bulldog Bit – Features

The Bosch Bulldog is said to have 4 times the life in rebar and 40% more life in concrete when you compare them to their competitor’s full-head carbide bits.

  • 1/2″ X 12″
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% Carbide Tip
  • Their bonding technology provides a strong carbide bond
  • Variable flute designs mean more holes per charge and also a faster hole.
  • SDS-Plus Shank
  • No Jamming when hitting rebar

Bosch Bulldog Bit – First Impressions

Over the years we have used a lot of the Bosch power tool accessories such as the Bosch Speed Clean and the Bosch Multi-purpose bits. Each time the bits have performed great.  When I worked in the trades, the Bosch Bulldog rotary hammer and bits were the only thing we used.  Primarily because they performed and lasted at the job site.

When it comes to the concrete bit, Bosch is one of the companies you can trust to design and manufacture one of the best bits on the market.  If you couple this bit with their Bosch Bulldog, it’s a winning combination.

Bosch Bulldog – Final Thoughts

As you know, this isn’t a product review, it’s a product informational article to help understand different products in the market place. Bosch has been dealing with concrete for a long time and when it comes to concrete, there is a reason that they are one of the top players.  In my experience, I have loved the Bosch Xtreme bits as they are fast, durable and reasonably priced.


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