Bosch Speed Clean Review

Bosch Speed Clean Review

I know bits and power tool accessories aren’t always interesting. However, we get a lot of emails and also with the new laws that came into effect regarding concrete dust, it only seems fitting to take a look at one of the most popular hollow drill bits, the Bosch Speed Clean. So let’s cover the Bosch Speed Clean Review and see what’s to like and not like about this bit.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

By now we know that the studies have come in and the results are conclusive that silica, which is found in concrete dust and other rock, can cause cancer. So it’s extremely important to protect your workers and yourself from this harmful dust. A while back Bosch developed a hollow bit that is designed for rotary hammers that provides two functions

First, the Speed Clean bit can be hooked up to a dust extraction vacuum and will protect you from harmful Silica dust. As the bit drills into the concrete, the dust is sucked up through the middle of the bit and into the vacuum.

The second benefit of this bit is speed. If you’re setting anchors, fasteners or chemicals, you need a clean hole. Normally you would have to drill, blow, brush, blow. With this bit, all you have to do is drill since it already sucks the dust-out. No more blowing that silica in the air and no more taking the time to clean out a hole.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Features

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

Bosch sells this bit in two different sizes

  • 1/2″ x 13″
  • 3/4″ x 18″

The bit we used was a 1/2″ model HCD2084. The bits are made from a solid piece of steel so you don’t have to worry about breakpoints or weak points of the bit.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

The Speed Clean bits are SDS-Max and are designed for rotary hammer tools.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

Towards the top of the drill bit is where you can attach a dust extraction system to the bit.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

If for some reason your vac doesn’t work, Bosch included an extension for larger hoses.

At the bottom of the bit, there are two milled holes which allow the dust to be sucked up through the center of the bit. The tip has a solid carbide tip which improves the speed and longevity of the bit.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Performance

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

Compared to the old way of drilling holes which included drilling, blow, brush, blow, the Bosch Speed Clean bit is extremely fast since you can skip all the steps. If you compare it to other bits for drilling speed along, it’s still fast. Not sure if it’s quicker because the dust removal system and you’re not trying to drill all the dust or if it’s the way the bit is designed with the carbide tips. Either way, it’s a fast bit.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

You would think the hose would get in the way but it doesn’t. The way Bosch designed this bit system, we never had a problem with the hose spinning or getting in the way.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Overview

As you can see it takes up all most all the dust and it does leave the hole clean. So in the end, it does exactly what Bosch advertises.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Value

The Bosch Speed Clean bit runs about $88 at The Home Depot. At first, I was taking back by the hefty price tag. $88 is a lot to swallow. But then the more I thought about it, it’s actually a good value for a variety of reasons.

First, if we can sink anchors quicker without the nonsense of blowing etc, it’s a time saver.  Since the bit drills fast, that’s another time saver. With the carbide tip, it will last longer so I get more for my money. The most important aspect of this bit is it can protect me. So $88 to reduce my risk of cancer, it’s a good deal.

Bosch Speed Clean Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, if you are drilling into concrete this bit is worth every penny. Sure it’s not a cheap upfront cost but for the long term, it’s worth it. Since it protects your lungs, makes your job easier and cleaner, plus it last longer than standard bits and helps you drill faster, why wouldn’t you like this bit? It’s one of the tools I can sit here and tell you why you should look at it but it’s also one of the bits you just have to try for yourself and see why it’s worth picking up and using in your daily drilling.



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