Husky Lunch Cooler Review

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

What is the best time of day? Since I love eating, I am going to go with lunchtime which brings me to our lunch cooler. Don’t let the name fool you, it can be used for breakfast, dinner and even snack time. Since they call it a lunch cooler though, I am sticking with lunch cooler. Take a look around and you will find hundreds of lunch coolers in the marketplace. Heck, even the power tool manufacturers have bought into this niche and built their own lunch coolers. So now we can add one more name to the marketplace that makes coolers. Jump forward and see the Husky Lunch Cooler Review.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review Overview

I am one of the guys who love coolers. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s my love of food or maybe I just love going outside and eating at my kid’s games, work or tailgating, but a great lunch cooler is a must-have. The problem with coolers is you either pay a lot because of a name or you get a no name and it breaks quickly.

I am a huge fan of Husky soft bags for tool storage so this cooler was something I wanted to try out and see how I liked it.

Before we push forward with this review, please understand that this is a soft cooler and will not compete with some of the hard coolers that have layers of foam insulation and will keep food cold or hot for days. This cooler is designed for quick trips to the ballpark, concerts or something like festivals for the day.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review Features

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

The cooler is designed to keep your food hot or cold and is constructed of 600 denier spuntuff material which is water resistant. The cooler is 9″x 8″ x 10″.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

The handle on the cooler is nice and thick. It’s not one of those cheaply made handles.  This one has lots of padding which makes me wonder why they don’t use this handle on some of their tool bags.

On each side of the cooler, there is a mess pocket two store two drinks. The one feature I love about these pockets is usually the mess gets ripped and becomes a useless pocket.  Husky designed this with mesh only at the top. The bottom is the tough denier so it doesn’t rip.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

As with the Husky tool bags, the zippers are big and not some cheap thin piece of metal.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

On the front of the bag, there is a single zipper pocket to store food or something you want to keep hot or cold.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

On the back of the cooler, there is another zipper pocket. This is a good place for utensils or something that doesn’t need to be kept hot or cold.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review

On top of the cooler is where you can store a lot of food or drinks. I am not sure the total amount it holds but as you can see, you can easily have a meal with room left over.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review Performance

I have used this twice for our kids game and each time it performed well. One time the weather was about 85 degrees and the other it was closer to 95 degrees. We used it for beverages and used it with ice packs. A couple of hours into the game, everything was still nice and cold. Now I didn’t try it overnight because I really don’t think this type of bag is going to be used for overnight trips. This is a type of bag that would be perfect for those long car rides and quick daily activities.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review Value

The cooler runs about $20 at The Home Depot which I think is a steal. The bag is a quality bag, with plenty of storage. Plus it does a great job of keeping your food cold. I have yet to find a lunch cooler with this type of quality and have such a low price. If you don’t believe me, take a look at The Home Depot website and you can see all the people raving about this cooler.

Husky Lunch Cooler Review Final Thoughts

Bottomline, if you are looking for a quality cooler that will keep your lunch or drinks cold for the day, I don’t think there is a better soft cooler on the market. There is plenty of storage.  I love the thick material and large zippers, not to mention the handle. While I like having a shoulder strap, I do wish it had just a little padding to make it more comfortable. Anyone who does family activities such as going to the beach, or someone who needs a cooler on the job site or something for daily use, I would take a look at this in a heartbeat.


  1. I have this exact lunch bag, and use it everyday for 4 years. Nothing has ripped or torn, all the zippers still work. This really is a great buy. I started with their tool bags and they are hardy also. You will need a frozen element to keep it cool. I find it to be more of a lunch box and not cooler. I use the side net pockets for pencils/hand tools, drinks, m12 batteries that need charging etc.


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