Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

When it comes to drills and impact drivers, every power tool manufacturer offers these popular power tools. Since most of them are right around the same power to size ratio, you have to look beyond those two metrics. You have to look at what battery platform do you prefer or what are your needs. Do you need a large line of tools you can grow into, do you need a professional or homeowner brand? There are so many choices to make then just going out and buying the first tool for sale. Which brings me to the Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review Overview

Dewalt might not have the largest line of power tools on the market, but of the tools they offer, they tend to be of the highest quality. At least they are one of the manufacturers we hear the fewest complaints about, which is always a huge positive.

Dan deals more with the Dewalt side of tools and has more time with them. When it comes down to drills and impact drivers there are a ton on the market. But I have to admit, I am a huge fan of this Dewalt kit. There is just something about these two tools that make you want to jump into the Dewalt line up. Not sure if it’s the size, comfort, power or what, but whatever the reason is, Dewalt nailed it.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review Features

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The combo kit comes with two of the most used tools, a hammer drill, and an impact driver. The hammer drill is model DCD796 while the impact model number is DCF887.

One of my favorite features of this kit is the two batteries. These tools are powered by a Dewalt 20V battery. Here is the cool feature, they include a 2 Ah battery and a 4 Ah battery which means if you want longer run time, you can use the 4 Ah battery. If you want lighter weight, go with the 2 Ah battery.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The DCD796 hammer drill uses a brushless motor and only weights 3.6 lbs. The tool only measures 7.5″ from front to back which means this is extremely small for a hammer drill and will allow you to get into tighter spaces.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

Dewalt is known for their quality tools, but the 20V grip is considered to be one of the most comfortable handles in the market.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The variable speed trigger is easy to feather to the desired speed.

As with most drills, this has a two-speed transmission 0-550/0-2,000 RPM.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The drill uses an all metal 1/2″ ratcheting chuck.

There are 14 clutch settings, a drill setting and a hammer drill setting all located on a single ring.

The LED light and its control are located on the base of the drill towards the battery. There are three modes to allow the user to adjust the timing of the light.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The Dewalt DCF887 also utilizes a brushless motor with a 3,250 max rpm.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

As with the hammer drill, the trigger is a variable speed.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

Again and not to sound like a broken record, but I love the grip on all the Dewalt 20V tools.  I am not sure if it’s the size or the rubber grip but either way, it just feels awesome.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The impact features a 1-handed loading system with a 1/4 in. hex chuck.Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

The three LED ring system does an awesome job at lighting up an area of work and helps reduce shadowing.Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

On the base of the impact, there are three setting controlled by a slide switch. There is a precision mode, a 2 and a 3 to allow you to adjust the speed to your application.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review Performance

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review

When it comes to the size to power ratio, it’s a great set up. The drill has plenty of power for us to drill large diameter holes into wood. Since it’s compact, it is lightweight and easy to use for long periods of time. The ergonomics of the tool is one of the top ones we have tested over the years.

While it’s nice to have a hammer feature on the drill, it isn’t the fastest we have used. So if you are looking for a drill with the primary function of hammering, you might want to look at the larger hammer drills. I feel this one is really for the tradesman who is drilling into wood but will sometimes need to put a fastener into concrete.

I am not knocking the hammer drill at all as it performed and we drilled numerous holes without issue.

We expected a lot out of this impact since we have been using the Dewalt impacts for a while. This one didn’t fail us as it drives screws fast and efficient. Not too much feedback on the handle once the impact starts pounding away. As with the drill, this also has a great feel and balance to the tool.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review Value

Call me crazy but I think this is an awesome value for this combo kit. You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $250 which includes the tools, both batteries, a charger and the bag. Considering the quality, the performance and the size, it’s worth every penny.

I know you can buy other kits like this for about the same cost and some even cheaper.  But for what you get and the way Dewalt set this kit up, it’s hard to beat the overall value.

Dewalt Cordless Combo Kit Review Final Thoughts

Overall I love this combo kit. There is just something about this drill and impact that makes it one of our top picks for a drill and impact kit. I love the size, the set up with the two batteries, the power, and the ergonomics. Considering it’s only $250, it’s hard to pass out buying this system. I don’t care if your a pro or homeowner, this is something you should consider having around as it will tackle all the common jobs. If you don’t believe me that this is a great kit, check it out on The Home Depot website and you can see it has 5 stars.


  1. I have to say the hammer drill actually works beautifully in concrete. It’s just slightly slower than the big DCD996 in my opinion actually for small tapcons. The only issues I’ve had with my dewalt compact drills have been chuck wobble. I think dewalt really needs to focus on this for upcoming models to gain back a great reputation on their drills. The impact is great but it just needs a slightly lower middle speed. That’s my only issue. I use my DCF895 almost exclusively because if speed 2 on it.


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