Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

Dewalt is known for their professional power tools that are built for the Job Site.  While they make a wide variety of power tools, they also make a wide range of other products such as toolboxes, workwear and yes, job site radios.  Today we are going to cover their new speaker.  So let’s jump into the Dewalt Bluetooth speaker Review.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review Overview

When you’re on a job site, it seems like you are either dealing with loud noises of power tools and equipment, or you have the dead silence of nothing and only your thoughts because you are working by yourself.  Now, this speaker isn’t really designed for those loud job sites where trucks are running around but this is a perfect solution for those smaller, quieter job sites, even on a factory assembly line.  So if you need a little bit of music to get through your day or want to listen to your talk shows, the Dewalt is a great option.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review Features

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Dewalt speaker is just that, a speaker.  Hook it up to your phone and listen to your phone music or an app such as Pandora. The DCR010 is designed for Job Sites and other harsh conditions. Just connect to Bluetooth and start listening.  The Bluetooth will work up to 100′ away.

A user can either use the included AC plug or run it off a battery.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

One cool feature is you can use either the Dewalt 12V battery or 20V battery.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

On the front of the radio, there is a metal mesh to protect the speakers from drops and bumps.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

On top of the speaker, you can turn the speaker on and off, control the volume, move through your playlist and connect to Bluetooth.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

While the unit is small, it does have a carrying handle for easy access to move it around.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

The rubber sides protect the speaker from drops and other items around the job site.

If you have an older phone and don’t have Bluetooth, you can use an AUX or USB cable.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review Performance

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review

I love the size and weight.  It doesn’t take up a lot of room and it’s not going to be one of those items you don’t want to drag around because it’s heavy.  The most important item is the sound quality.  For me, I think it has great sound for the size.

Once connected to Bluetooth, I like how it stays connected even for the next time you turn it on.  I have used other Bluetooth speakers where you always have to connect it every time you turn it on and it’s very annoying.  The Dewalt connects right away without having to reconnect it.

The speaker seems to be built with the job site in mind.  The rubber corners help protect it from drops.

So it’s tough and sounds good, plus portable.  What else do you really want?

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review Value

OK, sure there is one more thing you want, a good value.  The speaker retails for about $100 at The Home Depot.  Not a bad price for how good it sounds, the quality and the size.  For $100, I think it’s a good value.

Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker Review Final Thoughts

Overall, I love this radio.  While I won’t be using it on the job site, I will be using it for a place that will take more abuse than a job site, my kid’s sports.  I have used other radios for baseball season for it only to last half the season or shorter.  Either it gets rained on, juice boxes get spilled on it, the kids crank the volume and ruin the speakers or hit it with a ball and bat.  I am sure this will hold up but follow us on Social to see how it’s holding up.

The sound is decent, the prices are good so I am a buyer.


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