Husky Mobile Office Review

Husky Mobile Office Review

When you work out of your truck or car, you have to keep everything together so you can find it when you need it.  Then there are those times someone wants to sit in the front and you have to move everything around and that’s when you start losing stuff.  Anyone who works out of their vehicle knows what a pain it can be to stay organized.  So let’s take a look at the Husky Mobile Office Review.

Husky Mobile Office Review Overview

Being organized on the go can be challenging.  What system do you use?  When I was estimating for snow plowing, I went through at least 5 different systems and could never really get a good system down.  I do wish this was in the market place back in my days.

I either had something that would work for a bit then either fall apart or really wasn’t getting the job done.  It would hold some of my stuff, but not other stuff, so really what was the point? So does this Husky stand a chance in the field?

Husky Mobile Office Review Features

Husky Mobile Office Review

The mobile pro is designed for storage on the go, a way to stay organized.  The top has a nice raised edge to help keep things in place and also use a work surface. The unit is made out of 1680D fabric for durability.

Husky Mobile Office Review

The outside has a wide variety of pockets to access items quickly.  You can store drinks, pens, tools and more. The outside has 2 water bottle pockets, 2 covered pockets, 3 open pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 3 pen slots, and a tape measure clip.

Husky Mobile Office Review

Opening up the storage unit, there are four places to keep files and paper organized along with two interior pockets.

In front of the file system, there is a nice large compartment for tools or larger objects.

Husky Mobile Office Review

I like the large zippers so even with winter gloves on, you can still open and close the bag.

Husky Mobile Office Review

The zipper is a nice beefy zipper that looks like it will last for years to come.

Husky Mobile Office Review

The bag features reinforced edging for more durability.

Husky Mobile Office Review Performance

Husky Mobile Office Review

I think Husky did a great job of designing the bag.  I like how the outside pockets make it easy to store stuff you want to access quickly or things you use all the time.  Inside is nice and big for a tablet or even a laptop.  Plus there is a lot of open room for other items.

The one thing I would like to see would be a harder top.  While it’s tough, I just want something I could write on if needed.  There are plenty of times we are in the truck and just need a hard surface.  I love how wide the top is, but it is a tad flimsy.

Other than the top, the rest of the bag is top notch.

Husky Mobile Office Review Value

You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $50.  While it’s a great organizational bag, I would like to see it priced around $40.  For me Husky always seems to give great quality for less money.  So while it’s a decent value, the $40 mark would be fairer in my eyes.

Husky Mobile Office Review Final Thought

Overall, a great bag for the truck or car and the people on the go.  This bag lets you stay organized and offers plenty of room for a true mobile office.  While I would like to see the price come down $10, it’s still a decent value for those seeking more organization on the go.


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