Husky Clip Board


Dan was walking through Home Depot the other day and came across this great find.  Dan being Dan just had to buy it, even though he has no use for it.  So here we are and now I am telling you about.  When I used to snow plow I don’t know how many times I was reaching for my paperwork so I could document hours, snow fall, billing and more.  I never could find the right clip board.  Now that I am no longer snow plowing, I find a pretty good clip board.  Well that seems to be my luck.  As you know, Husky is a Home Depot brand, so you can only get this clip board at your local Home Depot, well they do have that thing called the internet and sure you can find it there also.  I am not going to go into everything, that’s why we have that cool video below.  I will tell you it does have a lot of storage and a great way to keep you organized.


  1. Dan the best part is the TIA sticker. I understand walking the aisles & buying things I don’t need or know who to use. Laters TIA

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this, but can’t find it on Home Depot’s site. Can’t find it on google either…

  3. Home depot does not carry it in stores anymore (at least in pasco, Hillsborough, and pinellas county Florida.). They said it was on the website but can’t find it there either. Boo.

  4. I had two of those and on each one, the clip that keeps it closed broke off. They need to make that clip more durable, its just plastic which breaks off very easily. Until they improve that, i won’t be buying a third.

  5. not anymore…. ;( I really like it…. one of the best! for the price! $15 vs $40 some for the other ones at office max… Boo!!!! If anyone know where I can get one… I want another one.


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