Hilti Cut-Out Tool SCO 6-A22

Hilti SCO 6-A22

This is a brand new tool for Hilti, the SCO 6-A22 cut out tool.  I am liking the fact that Hilti is coming out with some new tools.  I know they have been designing and upgrading some of their older tools, but it’s always nice to see a company making waves and releasing new tools.

The new cut-out tool is designed around a brushless motor, which means you will get longer life, higher run times and more efficiency.  The system is designed with a paddle switch which is nice and big, so you are not messing around with trying to start up the tool each time.  Once you let go of the paddle switch, the electronic brake will kick in and stop the tool quickly, which is huge for safety reasons.

Hilti SCO 6-A22Two items I really like about this cut-out tool, well besides the power, is the LED lights and the airflow management.  The tool has two LEDs that do a great job shedding light on your work.  So you will always know exactly where to cut.  The airflow management does a great job by blowing debris away from your cutting surface and it also doesn’t blow it towards the user.  As with the other Hilti 22v tools, you can use either a 18V or 22V battery with this tool.

I think this is a huge addition to their line up as drywallers and other people will get a ton of use out of this tool.  This is made for professional environments, so you know it’s strong, you know it will last.  Having the 20-2-1 warranty you know you are backed with your purchase.  This tool is going to be great for people dealing with drywall, abuse resistant board, cement board and a whole variety of other applications.



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