Bosch Lightweight SGH182 18V EC Brushless Screwgun


We first saw this new screwgun at the World on Concrete this year.  I have to say it was one of my favorite tools we saw, well not to mention the new Bosch table saw.  What’s cool about this screwgun.  Well first it is not only comfortable, but it’s designed for production.  The lightweight screwgun drives up to 3400 screws on a single 4.0 Ah battery charge.

So who is this screwgun great for?  Well the drywallers are going to love this tool.  How nice is it not to be connected to a cord when your up on a lift?  Think about it.  No more annoying cords getting in the way.   No more rolling over your cord and destroying it.

Well there is a lot more to this screwgun, but I am not going to ruin the fun since we are going to do a video soon showing you it in action and all the cool features.  I can tell you that Bosch has a MA55 auto Feed attachment if you really want to put out some production, but that is currently sold separately.  Good news, we have one so we can show it to you soon.


  1. It’s crazy how slim the motor section is! I’m interested to see how but power they squeezed out of such a small package.. I wonder if will it do Things other than drywall.. subfloor, decking, tile backer boards??
    Looking forward to the review guys!!

  2. Great gun, but personally i like the shape and size of the DeWalt. It feels and looks more like a standard drywall gun. Also, i think that when you say “it’s made for production” it means ‘its made to be made’… which doesn’t make much sense and you should be saying “it’s made for productivity”, which means ‘it’s made to be productive’ or to get things done. Anyhow, i heard Dan say “it’s made for production” in a few videos and just wanted to point that out. Great job on the show by the way, keep it up. And i also just read that the UTB giveaway was only for people with US addresses and was kinda pissed about that, you should have the giveaway for at least North America.

    • why can’t it’ be made for production’? it has been designed for the purpose of production of buildings etc, so it could be designed and made for production. To say it was designed for productivity is true, but doesn’t make much sense unless you specify in what context this productivity occurs.

      i don’t think either are very articulate, but neither phrase seems wrong.

      Also, why can’t Dan and Eric choose who they send free stuff to? Feel free to ask questions, but you’re coming off a little bossy here.

      • Mailing outside of the USA causes tons of issues with paying import duties and the like. Also most of the companies ship the prizes directly so they also don’t want the hassle of international shipping. If you want to you could pay for a service that gives you an American address but it will cost you some money. Dan was implying that the dry wall gun was designed for high production dry wall hanging for big crews that kick out houses fast.

  3. Another great tool from the blue team. Now, the yellow team has one as well. Will have to do some research on them both to see which one will deliver. It’s like the guys always say, it comes down to the battery platform you have. Laters TIA

  4. I just love how small this drywall gun is Bosch has a 12v version on sale in Europe soon for people that are on the 12v battery platform. If I was big into drywall this is a tool I would have to have. It would also been handy for other tasks like screwing down sub flooring or fence pickets with the collated attachment.


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