Husky 46 in. 8-Drawer Mobile Workbench


We always get asked what is the workbench that we use in our videos.  It is the Husky 46 in. 8-Drawer Mobile Workbench.  We have 2 of them and I like them for a few reasons.  They are under $300 and have a replaceable work top.  The mobile workbench serves 2 purposes, it is a 8 drawer tool box.  I can easily wheel it around loaded with ll my tools.  It also is a workbench that I move just about anywhere.

Dan and Eric TIA

Build quality on the bench is excellent.  In-fact more than one person has told me that they would put it in their kitchen and it would make an awesome extra counter top or center island.  It looks that good.  The ball bearing drawers are rated at 75 lbs each and the entire unit can take up to 1000 lbs.  The 1″ thick wood top is coated with polyurethane to help protect it.  The 21 gauge steel feels solid and is not flimsy like some other boxes we have seen recently.

Overall I think this item is a great buy and is a good value for just about anyone who needs tool storage.  Click the play button to watch the video below.

Check it out via The Home Depot 


  1. I have had that work bench for a year and love it. Mounted a 4 inch vise on the back corner which works great. There are some flaws with the structural integrity of the box though. For some reason the beams inside the box on the front are not grounded to the roof or floor. There is a fix I posted on a video though. Just Google Search Husky 46 Inch Mobile Work Bench to see it.

  2. Dan–I agree with Paul(?) about using these as a kitchen island; they are good-looking to the point of being furniture or cabinetry in the house. They are utilitarian to the point that some hairdressers use them, too. At her last shop, the lady that cuts my hair (and all of the other stylists) used black Craftsman roll-around cabinets like this to hold their equipment (scissors, blow dryers, etc.). They also did a lot of make-up and styling work for the entertainment industry, so they could take them to a location shoot and immediately get set up.

    Check it out the next time you get your hair cut. It surprised me at first, but they make a lot of sense, given how much usable storage that’s available in them.

  3. I know the bench is rated for 1000 lbs, but doe anyone know if it will handle 400 lbs on the bench top? Been thinking of giving my metal lathe a new resting place that’s mobile.


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