DeWALT DCBL790H1 40V Electric Blower


Change is hard.  Some people just cannot accept change.  This is true when it comes it electric outdoor power equipment.  The skeptics say gas will never be replaced.  Well thanks to lithium-ion battery technology those days are getting closer.  Over the past few years we have seen brands like EGO and Greenworks take market share away from gas counterparts with great success.

Now we have DeWALT on the scene to take a bite out of the pro market. This will be a bit harder convert professional to electric, or will it?  Sure the power of this blower doesn’t compare to a big back pack blower, but it is a lot quieter (67 dBA) and simple to maintain.  As long as you have a charged battery you are good to go.  The batteries charge in a little over an hour.  It produces 400CFM at 120mph which isn’t to bad for a battery-powered unit.

Runtime will depend on how you use it.  With mixed use we got roughly 20+ minutes of run time.  This unit is also great for the job site.  It will cleanup just about anything, is a lot faster than a broom and safe for indoor use.  Check out the video below for more.


  1. Great article Dan and absolutely spot on, gas has a serious competitor now and its only gonna get worse as battery technology gets better. I never thought I would see battery powered snow blowers and lawn mowers and now a lot of the big names are jumping in, the future is bright and cordless!

  2. Nice write up Dan this looks like a great blower from Dewalt in just waiting to c how the 20v one does when it comes out. Thanks

  3. If you are in the market now may be the time to buy. Lowes is offering a free extra battery with mail in rebate through May 10th. Details are on the product page at

  4. I’ve got the 20 volt version on pre-order. Just the thing to clean up the wood shop. I have big doors on each end of the shop so on windy days I simply open them both, fire up the gas blower and in 5 minutes I have the cleanest dust free shop a guy could ask for. Cordless electric will speed this up as I won’t have to let the gas blower warm up once I manage to get it primed and started.

  5. Hey Guys! I like the tv in the back ground of the site, cool touch. Now, I saw on the comments there will a 20v platform as well? If true can we use our existing 20v platform on these tools? That would be sweet. I’m really thinking of going battery on some of my yard tools. If this had a vac as well it would be a no brainier for me. Well, I have never used the vac feature on my existing blower, so not sure how important that would be. I’m excited about the options we have lately & how far this platform has come. Laters TIA

  6. Question is will it be able to put out a brush fire, yes I said a brush. At fire my fire dept. we use gas leaf blowers to put out brush fires works as good as water.

  7. So, where is it made? Also, any idea where the other brands of cordless blowers and chainsaws etc. are made? Thanks in advance.

  8. Change isn’t that hard but buying another battery platform like 40V and having to spend what they want for the 40v battery is hard.


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