Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K 36V Rotary Hammer

Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K

I am going to save you a whole bunch of time and just tell you up front, the Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K is the best Rotary hammer available.  I know that is taking a big leap forward, but I don’t care because I love this tool.  I look at it this way, why own any other rotary hammer, cordless or corded.

The Bosch Bulldog is powered by a 4H-36V battery.  With this, you truly can cut the cord.  So let’s jump in and see why I love this tool so much.  First, it’s Bosch.  Now I am not saying this as a fan boy, which I have to admit, Bosch is one of my favorite brands, but I am saying this because of their history.  Bosch is one of the leaders in the concrete industry.  While they may not be the first to market with everything, the tools they bring out are quality tools.  For me, I will take quality any day over being first to market.  Bosch doesn’t release tools just to release them.  They test them, beat them and then test them again.  Only when Bosch feels the tool is just right, then they will release it.  Now I don’t know this for a fact, but Bosch doesn’t seem to be run by the marketing department and finance department.  It seems to me that Bosch is run by the engineering department or manufacturing department.  It seems that when one of these two departments gives the okay, that’s when Bosch will release a tool.  Well the Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K isn’t any different.  This is a quality, well built tool.

Bosch Rotary HammerThe Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V Bulldog Rotary Hammer is a 1-1/8-in SDS-plus rotary hammer that provides the power of corded rotary hammers, but without the cord.  Inside the tool, sits a Four Pole motor just waiting to do some serious work.  The motor delivers 4,100 bpm and a no load speed of 0-940.  The tool sports a vibration Control system that takes the vibrations away from your hands and arms.  On the top of the tool, Bosch places the forward and reverse which makes it easy to use with your thumb.  On the side of the tool is your dial switch which has three modes: rotary hammer, rotation only and hammer only.  There is also a position for the chisel that allows you to set your chisel in any position you desire, this is called Vario-Lock.  With Vario-Lock you can set it to rotate the chisel to 360°.  One thing you might notice is a switch in front of the variable speed trigger.  This is an electronic precision control for smooth starts.  So in one position, you can run the tool normal with your typical start up of the tool.  When the switch is in the other position, you get a nice, slow, clean start.  The tool will ramp itself up to full speed shortly.  This is great for a number of reasons such as preventing of blowing out the backside of brick.  This is a great feature to have on a tool and not sure why other brands don’t have this.  As for safety, Bosch has your back.  The tool is equipped with an anti-kick back control so if your tool binds, it won’t break your arm.  Instead it will just shut off.  If that isn’t enough, you even get an LED light to help show exactly where you’re drilling.  As with all the other Bosch products, any part of the tool that is red, means this is something a user can engage to change settings.

One of my jobs is to be as objective as possible.  While I always want to point out the key points and what I like about a tool, I still need to look at what can be improved on.  I have racked my brains out and just can’t find anything to complain about this tool.  The battery charges in 30 minutes and the tool only weighs 9.6 lbs.  Really what is there to complain about this tool?

Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K Includes:

  • (1) – Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K
  • (1) – 360° Auxiliary Side Handle
  • (1) – Carrying Case
  • (1) – 1/2-Hour Charger
  • (1) – Depth Gauge
  • (2) — Lithium-Ion Batteries

Bottom line on the Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K, this is one awesome rotary hammer.  The tool is solid and built to run.  While you obviously get some vibrations, most of it is transferred to the tool, not your hands.  The forward and reverse button are well thought out and the control switch is easy to access, even with gloves.  Now I know that everyone won’t agree with me on this being the best rotary hammer tool available, but those of you who give this a test try, I am sure you will see my point of view.  A huge home run for Bosch.

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  1. I tend to agree with you this is the best heavy duty rotary hammer drill out there. I no longer even carry my Bosch corded rotary drill in van anymore as this drill will do a whole day of drilling large diameter holes up to 25mm and chiseling all day installing sockets in masonry walls, only to surprise me at the end of the day when I check battery level its still on 1-2 bars with another battery spare


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