Milwaukee Flashlight – M12 LED Performance Light Model 2355-20

milwaukee flashlight

If you have been following us or Milwaukee Tool over the last couple of years, you know that they have been hitting the market hard with lighting.  In my opinion, no other tool manufacturer even comes close to Milwaukee’s lighting selection.  A user can tell Milwaukee has put a lot of thought, research, design and implementation into these lights.  I have to say out of all the Milwaukee Lights we have tried, they are all quality lights, all made for abuse and all reliable products.  So today we want to shed some light on the new Milwaukee flashlight model 2355-20.  Sorry I know that pun is cheesy, but couldn’t help myself.

Milwaukee Flashlight Overview

milwaukee flashlightThe first thing you will notice about the Milwaukee flashlight is the color.  I am not sure about you, but I was surprised to see Milwaukee go away from their team colors of Red.  Is it really a big deal?  Heck no because I like the black color.  It reminds me of Mag-Lite, even the texture around the handle is close to the Mag-lite texture.  Okay enough about colors and texture after all this isn’t a fashion post.  Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this light.

When you pick up the light, there are a couple of things you will notice.  First, is the weight.  The light with a M12 battery weighs about 1.8 lbs.  So it has a little weight to it which makes it feel like a solid light.  Not one of those cheap plastic lights.  Speaking of plastic, Milwaukee decided to build a quality light (no surprise) and they designed this with an aluminum body.  The material and design of the handle makes this feel like an overall quality light and one that just feels good in your hand.  Wow, am I really getting back to the fashion of a flashlight?  Trust me, I am not trying, it’s just happening.

milwaukee flashlightSo let’s forget about the aesthetics of the light and talk about what this light is really designed for, seeing at night.  With a simple press of a button, you can turn the light on, yes just like most lights.  Right above the on/off button, you have a mode button that allows the user to adjust from high to low to strobe (for those who love jamming out to Staying Alive).  On high setting, you will get about 5 hours of run time.  On low and strobe, expect to get about 7 hours of run time.  Now this run time is based on a 4 Ah battery.  Now I didn’t test, but I am assuming the time would be cut in have with your standard M12 2Ah battery.  On the high and strobe setting, you will get about 800 lumens.  When you kick the Milwaukee Flashlight down to low, you will drop your lumens to about 325.

Another feature to this light, a user can adjust the light beam.  If you want a wide beam, you can pull the end of the light or lens towards you.  If you want a tighter beam, push the end of the flashlight away from you.  In regards to toughness of the light, the flashlight has an IP54 rating which is water and dust resistant.  This light should also withstand a 6.5′ drop.  Just in case it doesn’t hold up to those stats, Milwaukee offers a 5 year warranty for the flashlight.

Milwaukee Flashlight Thoughts

So is this a light you should buy?  Personally if you already own any Milwaukee M12 tools, I think this is a no brainer. The light is quality, does a great job with both broad and narrow beams and is just a solid light.  Now would I switch over to Milwaukee just because of the light?  No, because there are a ton of quality lights on the market such as Streamlight and others.  But again if you’re looking to get into a battery platform and you know lights will be a go to piece of equipment, I think Milwaukee is the way to go.  Because as I said, no other power tool manufacturer comes close to Milwaukee’s lighting products.  Bottom line, Milwaukee did a great job with this light.  This is a light you would expect from Milwaukee and compliments their other lighting products.




  1. My flashlights have to take regular batteries(D, C, AA).

    You can also use this for when you let someone borrow your tools, and they don’t give it back.

  2. Even though I’m invested in the M12 line, why would I buy this? My EDC Fenix PD35, Nitecore P12 and Zebralight can be bought with a battery and charger bundle for a little more or less and they blow this light away in every category. Much like the pocket knives the sell.
    I’ll take my Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, Benchmade and Spyderco EDC’s anyday,especially for the prices Milwaukee wants

  3. Awesome light well built. Not made to be a holster mount like the fenix but great when you need allot of light for a long time and then you can just throw a new battery in and you got hours more run time. it’s tough enough to use for a hammer if needed.


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