Milwaukee Hardline Knife – Cold Hard Steel

Milwaukee Hardline Knife

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Don’t question something good because it might go away?” Don’t feel bad, I haven’t heard that one either. In fact, I just made that up to prove a point. So what’s my point? I guess I am saying I am not sure why Milwaukee is hitting the knife market, but I don’t want to question it because all the knives we have tried have been awesome. They have a fastback knife, the insulation knife and other Milwaukee Knives. However today we are going to cover a new knife from Milwaukee called the Milwaukee Hardline Knife.

Milwaukee Hardline Knife Overview

Think of the Milwaukee Hardline knife as more of an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife. Now I am not sure if this is the way they designed the knife, but it only makes sense to me. Currently Milwaukee has four knives to choose from:

  • 2.5” Smooth (48-22-1997)
  • 3” Serrated (48-22-1998)
  • 3” Smooth (48-22-1994)
  • 3.5” Smooth (48-22-1999)

milwaukee hardline knifeMilwaukee designed these knives with a D2 Steel which is a common type of steel blade for Knives.  D2 was first developed during WWII.  To me it seems like there is a love hate for the D2 steel.  Some love it and others would never have it as a blade for their EDC.  Since D2 is steel, it’s susceptible to staining and corrosion. However, it does have an elevated chromium content which makes it less susceptible than other steel blades.  Milwaukee wanted to make this knife look tough and I can say, mission accomplished.  The stone washed black oxide finish along with the textured grip makes this knife look like a survival knife.  Who wouldn’t want to be seen with a cool knife like that?  The handle is fairly comfortable for quick jobs as it’s made from a glass filled nylon front and stainless steel back.  For some, they will love the feel of the knife, while others might like a little thicker knife like the traditional Buck knife style.  Since this doesn’t come with a sheath, Milwaukee did include a reversible belt clip.

Milwaukee Hardline Knife Operation

milwaukee hardline knifeOpening and closing the knife is pretty straight forward.  With the knife closed, you can use your index finger and activate the flipper to open the knife.  It’s not spring activated, but it’s easy to open with a flick of the wrist.  Once the blade is open, it’s a single locked system where part of the knife frame locks the blade in place.  To close the knife, you can use your thumb and press close the blade with your finger.  For some this is a very easy open and close system.  Others might have a little harder time closing the knife as the thumb lock might be a little harder to access.  Overall when using the knife, I have to say it is pretty comfortable.  While I wish it would be a little fatter in the handle, most people will like the slim design.

Milwaukee Hardline Knife Conclusion

Overall I think Milwaukee did a great job with these knives.  Are they going to be your EDC knife?  Well that’s up to you.  Some people will want a little more with their EDC knives such as a S30V blade while others will find the Milwaukee Hardline Knife a perfect fit.  In the end they are a pretty good knife to help you out when you need to cut something.  So far the knife has stayed pretty sharp and with a limited lifetime warranty, they seem like a good buy.


  1. Awesome knives, they are definitely in a more premium category so hopefully they hold up, can’t wait for my knife! #tiacrew


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