Milwaukee Fastback Knife

Milwaukee FastBack Knife

When it comes to job site knives, no other power tool manufacturer comes close to the lineup Milwaukee offers.  It all started with a single design, the Milwaukee Fastback.  Since the first introduction, their line has grown by leaps and bounds and that tradition knife companies would love to have.  Today we are going to show off two new additions to the Milwaukee Fastback knife family,

Milwaukee Fastback Knife – Information

Milwaukee Fastback Knife – Features

The 48-22-1502 mimics the original Fastback knife but with a twist.

  • Press and flip opening
  • Quick blade change
  • Stores up to 5 blades and has easy access for blade changing
  • Metal body construction
  • Gut hook
  • Belt clip
  • Wire Stripper

Milwaukee Fastback Knife – Information

Milwaukee Fastback Knife – Features

If you want a more compact version of the fastback knife, the 48-22-1500 would be a better fit.

  • One-handed opening
  • Quick blade change
  • Wire belt clip
  • Lanyard hole
  • Blade holder designed for scoring

Milwaukee Fastback Knife – Impressions

I have been a huge fan of these knives every since generation one was released.  I love how easy they are to open, I like the design, I like the build quality and I absolutely love how easy it is to change a blade.

I think these two releases are great additions as one model offers 5 blade storage and the other is compact.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife – Wrap Up

The bottom line, these are nice additions to their large lineup.  I love how you can easily open these knives with a single flip.  The price isn’t bad on these knives.  While I love the construction and easy opening, I love how easy it is to change the blade.


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