Milwaukee Drill Driver Revisit Plus Impact Driver

Milwaukee Drill Driver Revisit

A drill and impact driver are probably the most used power tools on the job site or even the household.  About a year ago, we reviewed the Gen 3 drill/driver and impact.  At that time we loved the power and the size.  During this time is when I was doing the first phase of my house project where I was remodeling the existing house.  Since then I have been able to get a ton of use on these tools and now I am using them for Phase 2 of my project, the home addition.  So I figured we always review tools but never get a chance to go back and revisit them after using them for a while.  So here we are with the Milwaukee Drill Driver Revisit.

Milwaukee Drill Driver Information

Milwaukee Drill Driver Revisit

Milwaukee Drill Driver Revisit

I have been using these two tools for over a year.  During that time we have had other power tool manufacturers drills and impact, but these have been the two I keep going back to using.  While I love the tools, the main reason is the Milwaukee M18 battery platform.

The M18 has so many tools in this platform and I am using a ton of them on the job site such as the miter saw, lights, reciprocating saw, circular saw, impact wrench and more.  So there is a huge convenience of having an interchangeable battery.  I am using the 6 pack charger but I know there is a tool around and can grab that battery if another battery dies and need to finish a task.  I have other manufacturers’ tools on site, but I am always running to a charger and just don’t have all the tools to support a line that Milwaukee has.

The Drill/Driver 2804 is an incredible drill.  I love the power, the runtime and the size which makes this tool great for everyday use.  We have used it from anything from cutting 6″ holes for plumbing in wood, holes through drywall for lighting to small pilot holes for some finish work.  We even used the hammer drill feature for setting some Tapcon’s.  We mixed mud for drywall and Thinset for tile.  The drill hasn’t let me down.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but if you are looking for a drill/driver, this is a great tool to own. You will love the size and power.

When it comes to size and power, the impact driver will impress.  The head is extremely small which means you can get into tight spaces.  I have been primarily using this for fasteners such as the subfloor and underlayment on the roof.  While the head does get a little hot after longer run times, the driver never quit on us.  My only complaint with this tool is I wish it came with a compact battery.  Sure the 5Ah has a longer run time, but when I use a compact battery on this impact, it just feels awesome and the run time can easily last a long time.

Milwaukee Drill Driver Wrap Up

Bottom line, I love this kit.  The drill is powerful, lightweight and small enough for a larger variety of jobs.  The impact is also a great tool.  Lightweight, powerful and extremely small in size.  My only knock against this kit is the battery size.  I like having the 5Ah batteries but I would like to see a 5Ah battery along with their compact battery.  Since the impact driver is so small and lightweight, the 5Ah doesn’t affect the ergonomics but I just love the feel of the compact battery with the impact driver. However, if they had that setup, I am sure people would want the larger batteries.

Over the year I have used and abused the drill and impact.  I have used it for everything from a simple job to tighten and loosen fasteners to mixing mud to drilling large diameter holes with hole saws.  Both tools have help up and worked awesome for the job at hand.

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  1. Any plans to throw a M18 Surge impact in the mix? Like to see how to “sustained” 450 in ft torque does in real world vs the more powerful but louder M18 impact in your kit.

  2. Loved Loved Loved the impact drill! It relieves tremendous pressure off of my wrist and gets the job done. The power was awesome! The battery operated idea is genius. My tools were stolen recently and I no longer have my Milwaukee tools, and can’t afford to replace any at this time. If I could win tools from Milwaukee, it would be a big help and get me back in my swing. I love promoting & demonstrating the tools in the south because they have a good track record of being durableand very few tradesmen have them where I am.


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