Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

When it comes to new power tools brought to market, no one does it faster than Milwaukee. I feel like every week they have a new tool available to the professional. While I know they have a huge M18 lineup and they bring a ton of tools to market, I never realized how many Impact Wrenches they have in their line up. Between their M12 and M18 line, Milwaukee has a plethora of wrenches available. For me, I am a huge fan of their wrenches and I think the 2852 is another great addition to their line up. Let’s take a look at the Milwaukee 285 Impact Wrench review and see why.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review Overview

Impact wrenches are great tools, not only for automotive applications but in the trades.  Fasteners are used all the time for fastening into steel, concrete and more. Look around and you will begin to notice just how many things need a fastener of some sort.

As I said earlier, I am a huge fan of Milwaukee Impact Wrenches. I know there are other power tool manufacturers who offer this type of tool, but there is just something with the Milwaukee line up I love. Not sure if it’s the power, the runtime or the ergonomics but every Impact Wrench we have tested, has not only performed but performed beyond our expectations.

Seriously, how nice is it to lose the air hose, the loud compressors and go completely cordless and still get a productive day to work in? For those who are looking for a viable mid-torque impact wrench, the 2852 might be your next purchase.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review Features

The 2852 is designed around a brushless motor the delivers 450 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 600 ft-lbs of nut busting torque. Weighing in at 5.3 lbs and a length of 6.7″ give this a great size to power ratio.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

The impact wrench gets its power from the M18 battery. This kit came with a 5Ah battery, but you can use any of the M18 batteries.

I usually don’t cover cases. While I know a lot still like older metal cases, Milwaukee did an awesome job with this case. Again not sure why I love it, maybe the colors schemes or the metal latches, but either way it’s a nice case that comes with the tool.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

The 2852 features a 3/8″ with a friction ring.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

The head of the tool is solid and will take a beating in any environment. Milwaukee does offer a tool boot if you want more protection.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

The impact wrench has the same style handle as with their other cordless tool. The rubber overmold wraps fully around the ABS plastic handle.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

The wrench features a variable speed trigger which I found to be very responsive.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

On the base of the tool, there is a push button control pad that allows the user to adjust the tools speed.

  • Mode 1 – 0-575 rpm / 0-450 ipm
  • Mode 2 – 0-2,000 rpm / 0-2900 ipm
  • Mode 3 – 0-2,400 rpm / 0-3200 ipm

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review

On the back of the tool, there is rubber mold to help protect the back of the tool as this always takes a good beaten.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review Performance

I know this isn’t much for a tool like this, but we drove in a bunch of 5″ screws into wood and I relied on this to drive these same screws into my second floor remodel. Not only is this tool powerful, but it’s easy to control. For me, it was great for those times I had to get in between studs to drive a fastener.

I also used this to change a wheel on my wheelbarrow, install railings and hang an air handler from my roof.

What I really love about the performance besides the power, was the weight and size.  While it has a little bit of weight, it’s not enough to make you fight with the tool.

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review Value

If you are already into the Milwaukee line up and have batteries, you can pick up a bare tool (2852-20) for about $190 at The Home Depot. If you need a couple of batteries, you can grab a kit which has 5Ah batteries (2852-22) for about $400.

I understand that is a big investment into a single tool, but The Milwaukee Mid-Torque tool is extremely nice and will make your daily life much easier. For me, I think it’s worth the price

Milwaukee 2852 Impact Wrench Review Final Thought

No surprise but I am a fan of this impact wrench. A lot of power wrapped in a small, tough tool. Great for automotive applications as well as the construction industry. Considering Milwaukee has one of the biggest M18 lineups, it’s hard not to invest in this tool and have the option in buying into more tools down the road.


  1. I feel like 450 ftlbs is overpowered for a 3/8 drive, and conversely I find DeWalts mid torque to be underpowered for a 1/2 drive at 330 ftlbs lol I imagine if these offerings swapped anvils I’d be truly impressed, but I’m grateful the companies are offering so many expansions in their respective lineups.

  2. Dewalts mid torque is more 330lbs another tool tester went head to head milwaukees 1/2 drive and they were equal in power, dewalt always under scores its tools

  3. I have the older bigger model and I must say nothing Over powers the Milwaukee impact wrench. Tire changes and rotations are a breeze. Slowly buying more Milwaukee tools like just picked up the impact and drill to add to my collection as a bundle at Home Depot for a good price.


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