Milwaukee Fastback Knife

Milwaukee Fastback Knife

While there are a lot of knife manufacturers in the market place, there are not a lot of power tool companies that produce knives.  When it comes to knives in the tool world, Milwaukee is the clear leader with over 30 different knives in their line up.  Today we are going to look at the Milwaukee Fastback Knife, Camo edition model number 48-22-1535.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife Features

The Fastback knife has an overall length of 7.48″ and weighs in at .24 lbs. The back of the knife features a lanyard hole and also has a belt clip.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife

Milwaukee designed this knife for one-handed operation.  Just pull back on the upper metal flipper and that will engage the spring-assisted blade to fully open.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife

The knife features a stainless steel Tanto blade. The blade is partially serrated.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife

The blade locks into place with a slide lock.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife Performance

Milwaukee Fastback Knife

So here is the deal.  I currently own the 48-22-1996, which is on the right-hand side.  For me, I like the 48-22-1996 much better for a variety of reasons.  Sure, maybe because I have been using that model for a while and I am used to it, but it just feels better.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife

Both knives feature the same blade, style, and design so that is even.  I like the 48-22-1996 (right knife) and it’s about 1/2″ longer but makes it sit in my hands better and feel better.  If you have smaller hands, the 48-22-1535 (left knife) might be a better fit.

While both knives are spring assisted and open up very easy and extremely fast, they opening up differently.  The new 48-22-1535 which is the featured knife in this article opens up easily using your index finger.  While the 48-22-1996 has a thumb screw and opens with your thumb.  For me, I like the way both open.  Either option is quick and easy with one hand.

The biggest difference I see with the knives is the quality.  I feel like the 1996, when it opens, it sounds solid.  The knife is a little heavier and when it clicks open, it does with authority and just sounds good and feels good.  The 1535 opens but sounds very hollow and doesn’t feel as strong or solid.  To me, it feels cheaper.

Here is where one of the biggest differences is between the two knives.  The 1535 has a slide lock.  Yes, you can close it with one hand but it’s not easy.  The 1996 knife is truly a one-handed close because of the liner lock.  For me, this is a deal-breaker.  I know for some, they don’t care.

When it comes down to it, I am a bigger fan of the 48-22-1996 because it’s longer, a little heavier, opens up solid and I can close it with a single hand.

The 48-22-1535 is great for those who want a smaller and lighter knife but don’t want to lose the quality of the blade.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife Value

You can pick this knife up at The Home Depot for about $30.  I don’t think the price is bad but for me, I would spend an extra $5 and get the 48-22-1996.  I think the  48-22-1996 is a much better knife.

Milwaukee Fastback Knife Final Thoughts

I  love Milwaukee knives but I can’t say I am a huge fan of this knife.  While I love the Camo look and the blade, I feel the other model is more solid and a better knife.  For those who want a lighter knife and a different style of opening, then this is a great knife as the blade is the same as the other model.


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