Dewalt Sheet Sander

Dewalt Sheet Sander

One of the very first tools I ever bought was a Dewalt sander.  Ever since then, they have been my go-to orbital sanders.  Today we get to take a look at the Dewalt Sheet Sander to see if these are just as good as the orbital sanders I am so fond of.  So let’s first take a look at what these sanders have to offer.

Dewalt Sheet Sander Features

Dewalt Sheet Sander

The Dewalt sander is built around a brushless motor for efficiency and durability. The sander uses a clamping system that is traditional with this type of sander.  We used this sander for a variety of projects and it never had any issue with the sandpaper staying in place, even on uneven surfaces.

Dewalt Sheet Sander

One awesome feature to this sander is no cords to mess around with.  The sander is powered off the Dewalt 20V battery.

On top of the sander, there is a rubber grip that is comfortable and allows you to control the sander without it slipping around.

The Dewalt sander offers variable speed control that allows the user to adjust the speeds between 12,000-14,000 RPMs.

The 1/4 sheet sander can use either a dust bag or be connected to a dust collector.

Dewalt Sheet Sander Performance

Dewalt Sheet Sander

The one thing we noticed was how smooth the sander was.  While you can feel the vibrations, you would expect it to be more.

The sander performs great and I do put it up there with the quality and usability of the Dewalt orbital sanders.  Another thing we noticed was how the sandpaper stayed in place, even when on an angle or uneven surfaces.

Dewalt Sheet Sander Value

The sander runs $119 at The Home Depot.  I am a fan of Dewalt sanders.  I love how this feels and performs so I am a fan of the price.

Dewalt Sheet Sander Final Thought

If you are looking for a sheet sander, the DCW200B is a great option.  The sander takes after the high build quality of the orbital sanders.  This sander is comfortable and easy to control.

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