Firm Grip Impact Gloves

Firm Grip Impact Gloves

When it comes to gloves, what are your go-to gloves?  Have you heard of Firm Grip Pro-Fit gloves?  If not, this is a glove you should check out next time you are at The Home Depot.  The Firm Grip Impact Gloves are a quality glove that will protect your hand and fingers.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves Features

The gloves are a heavy-duty leather glove designed for long term use.  The model number is 55322-06. One nice feature of these gloves is they stretch to provide a custom and more comfortable fit.  You can even wash these gloves in the washing machine.

One great feature of these gloves is they are breathable.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves

The back of the glove provides plenty of protection for your knuckles.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves

They feature a leather palm with reinforced wear areas. The index finger is compatible with a touchscreen so you don’t have to remove your glove.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves

The cuffs are neoprene which means they provide comfort.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves Performance

Firm Grip Impact Gloves

In regards to performance, they are comfortable and allow you to still perform work while protecting your digits.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves

You can grip tools and more, plus even work on your phone for those who need to.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves Value

You can grab a pair at The Home Depot for $16.97.  When it comes to gloves, there is a lot to choose from.  It’s hard to explain the quality, it’s one of those products you have to use for yourself.  I like the feel, I like how I can still grab things, I like how it protects my hands, so yes, I think it’s a fair price.

Firm Grip Impact Gloves Final Thoughts

Bottom line, when you are working with your hands, you need to protect but you also need to have gloves that don’t get in your way.  I think these gloves are great at protection but not hindering your work.

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