Milwaukee Dual Charger

Milwaukee Dual Charger

When it comes to batteries and chargers, Milwaukee is one of the leaders in this field.  The M18 battery platform is one of the largest platforms around.  In regards to chargers, they offer a couple of different chargers like the rapid charger and the 6 pack charger. The 6 pack charger is great for overnight charging and when you want to charge multiple batteries without having to switch every hour.  But what if you have a crew working on a project and you are ripping through batteries?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a dual charger that charges two batteries at the same time?

Milwaukee Dual Charger – Information

Milwaukee Dual Charger – Features

Milwaukee Dual Charger

The Milwaukee dual bay charger will charge two batteries at the same time.  Not only at the same time but at the rapid speed time since this is a rapid charger.

You can charge any M18 battery at the same time.  So if you are using a 12Ah on your table saw and a CP2, you can charge them together.  One thing I like is the space between the batteries.  They are easy to put on and take off without the other battery getting in the way.

Milwaukee Dual Charger

Instead of having two chargers, you can use a single charger and only take up one outlet.  In regards to size, there aren’t huge size savings as the two chargers are about the same as the dual charger.

Milwaukee Dual Charger – Impressions

Who wouldn’t like to charge two batteries at the same time especially if you are on a job and working with a lot of batteries?  Sure, you can pay more and go with two rapid chargers but then you are also eating up two outlets instead of one.

Milwaukee Dual Charger – Wrap Up

For me, I have been wanting this for years and glad Milwaukee finally came out with this charger.  I love how it charges both batteries at the same time which makes this perfect for working during the day.  At night, I am still sticking with the 6 pack charger.

However, I would like to see Milwaukee come out with a 9 pack charger.  Yes, a 9 pack charger.  I love having 3 18V bays and 3 12V bays.  But at night, there are so many times I need to charge more than 3 M18 batteries.  Instead of having the six-pack charger and then all my single chargers plugged in, I could use just one charger.  During the day, I am using a drill, impact driver, miter saw, table saw and usually one or two other Milwaukee tools.  At the end of the day, it would be nice to put all the batteries on a single charger and walk away.


  1. Kind of surprised nobody has followed DeWalt’s toughsystem charger, it’s been around for awhile. 4 port simultaneous rapid charger, attaches to the toolboxes, and charges 12v,20v, & 60v.


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