Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

12V tools have gained an insane amount of popularity in recent years. As battery technology as a whole has evolved to give you more power than you ever thought possible without a cord, we are also seeing battery sizes getting smaller too. 12V tools have a huge place for a number of trades and homeowners as well. They are small, compact and usually more comfortable to use than their 18/20V counterparts. Today we look at a classic power tool that is part of Bosch’s 12V lineup, an Impact Wrench. Let’s see what this little tool can do, in the Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review Overview

So what exactly is an Impact Wrench? In short, it is a powerful tool that provides high torque but aims to keep the exertion on the user at a minimum. Essentially the motor aims to rotate a motor where energy is stored and then transferred to the anvil to provide incredible torque that comes quick and repetitive bursts. Now, there are a lot of advances and variables that alter this process but in its simplest form, the short but powerful impacts allow you to tighten and loosen bolts or nuts you would likely not be able to do any other way.

Have you ever had a bolt or nut you couldn’t quite get loose? Ratchet and socket just not cutting it? Surely you have, just like mechanics, general contractors and a number of other tradesmen encounter on a daily basis. Impact wrenches aren’t just for professionals though. I always say that just behind a drill and a circular saw, and impact wrench should be on your list of the top tools to buy. Over the years I have used a slew of impact wrenches, some that were corded, some pneumatic, and a few cordless models. The first one I actually liked is the Bosch Freak as it combines an impact wrench with an impact driver making it even more useful.

The Bosch 12V lineup is somewhat small here in the United States, but I have it on good authority that they intend to bring more tools to the line in the coming years. I knew the 12V Impact Wrench was a tool I needed to get my hands on to see how it compared to some of the other tools I tested in their 12V line. If it was anything like their 12V Palm Router or 12V Planer, I knew I would be instantly in love, and I certainly am. Let’s look more into what this tool can offer and why a 12V may just replace your 18V tools.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review Features

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

The Bosch PS82-02 operates on Bosch’s 12V battery platform. This set includes the Impact Wrench, two 12V batteries, a charger, and soft-shell case. The Impact Wrench measures in at an impressively compact 5.5-inch length and just over 7 inches tall and weighs just 1.6 pounds.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

The 3/8-inch square drive anvil, a standard size that makes finding impact sockets a cinch.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

The brushless motor delivers 85 f-lbs of torque.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

Two-speed settings provide user control. Low speed provides up to 1200 RPMs and up to 2700 Impacts per minute. The high-speed setting puts out up to 2600 RPM’s and up to 3100 Impacts per minute.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

A variable speed trigger allows for easy user control, and the forward and reverse switch is located right in reach for easy access.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

The LED Ring light is easily the best lighting on a tool I have seen to date. LED lights on a power tool effectively increase user visibility in poor lighting.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

A battery gauge provides an easy indicator of your battery life.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review Performance

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review

Impact Wrenches are one of those handy tools that you really can’t live without once you’ve owned one. I am a huge fan of 12V tools for their compact size and surprising power. This Bosch Impact Wrench is an impressive tool and certainly gives truth to the statement that great things come in small packages. In my use, I really didn’t find anything this tool couldn’t do.

I tested it on lag bolts into wood, something a lot of users will need an Impact Wrench for, as well as standard nuts had a fairly easy time of it. I even tried this Impact Wrench on the nuts on my mower blades, something that almost all Impacts struggle with because of the build-up they gather with great success. The lug nuts on my truck tires were a bit more of a challenge, but the 12V Bosch was able to pull them off with little trouble.

One of the biggest bonuses for me personally in a 12V tool is the comfort of them. I have had issues in my wrists for years. This is something every tool user dreads when you need to operate something with high torque as the jerking you feel from the tool can cause pretty significant pain. Obviously, proper grip and precautions can alleviate a lot of this issue, but I always notice how much more comfortable a 12V tool is for me when I need to use it for an extended period.

You will have some limitations in a 12V tool, and Bosch says this model should be able to perform 85% of the tasks you would use an Impact Wrench for. On that side, I am keen to agree. You may run one thing or another that you will need a tool with higher IPM’s for, but for the vast majority of tasks, it is more than sufficient.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review Value

This Bosch is an excellent value. The bare tool will run you about $140 dollars on Amazon while the kit, which comes with two batteries, a charger and the case with this Impact Wrench all ring in at under $200 dollars on Amazon.  Bosch is a professional grade tool, and while I always recommend them to users of all types, they are usually not the least expensive. This tool though is a really good value in this kit. Professionals will love it, and homeowners will find this to be a worthwhile investment.

Bosch 12V Impact Wrench Review Final Thoughts

The vast majority of users will find this impact wrench to do all they need and more. While cordless tools in general, especially 12V tools may have more limitations in applications, you will find that this tool is a solid performer for its size. The small footprint and incredible performance for this tool easily edge it into a great position to be useful for a wide range of users. Tools like this easily become a favorite for their lightweight, improved comfort and impressive power. Bosch hits a home run with this impact wrench, and I think it will easily become a favorite in any tool collection. Bosch is a name we know and love for their professional power tool innovation with the performance that doesn’t disappoint.



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