Fiskars Utility Knives Review

Fiskars Utility Knives Review

When you think of Fiskars a few specific tools always come to mind. Gardening tools such as shovels and loppers are among my first thoughts, but I also think of their high-end fabric shears too. When we were at an event, I wandered by the Fiskars Pro booth and got a good look at their new lineup of Pro Utility Knives and I was impressed right on the spot. Today we are going to take an in-depth look at these in the Fiskars Utility Knives Review.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review Overview

What is interesting about knives is just how long they have been around. For centuries they were used for hunting and cutting wood and have seen countless evolutions over the years. Material type, blade shape, handle designs, it’s impressive to see just how much has changed, while their function of cutting material is the same.

Today there are knives for virtually everything you can imagine. Utility Knives is a somewhat broad term which encompasses a lot of knives professionals use every day in their trades. There are also knives designed for painters and even drywall installers that other trades will surely need at some point as well. Virtually everyone carries a utility knife of some sort, and likely it is one of their most used tools.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review Features

Fiskars Utility Knives Review

Fiskars sent a total of seven different models to take a look at. There are some common features that we will explore first. Fiskars uses CarbonMAX blades in their utility knives that are designed to last 24 times longer than standard blades.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review

Improved grips, designed with contours and deep grooves, provide incredible user comfort and allow a better grip even in slippery conditions.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review

Reinforced metal design provides additional durability, something imperitive to jobsite conditions.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review

Additionally, Fiskars has a Full Lifetime Warranty, something every user appreciates in their tools.

The Fiskars PRO Folding Utility Knife, model 770030 is a really diverse utility knife that likely everyone has used at one point or another.

You can easily flip open the knife using one hand, which comes in handy if you’re hands are busy. The included belt clip give this model an additional benefit for users who prefer to keep their knives close. 

The Fiskars Pro Painting Utility Knife, model 770050 is a must-have for painters.

A simple flip-open design allows easy use of this knifes key features.

A 5-gallon paint bucket opener makes quick work of opening paint buckets.

The Painters Utility Knife has a #1 size flathead screwdriver bit for easy access to outlet covers that painters encounter regularly.

The Fiskars Pro Retractable Utility Knife, Model 770020 is another multi-purpose offering from Fiskars.

The side blade actuation increases safety by preventing accidental blade retraction.

This model can store up to five spare blades and has a side hinge for easy access during blade changes.

The Fiskars Pro Fixed Utility Knife, Model 770010 is a classic model in the Fiskars lineup, but with a few extra features that offer unique improvements.

The folding blade guard is operated by a simple button for easy guard use.

Side hinges similar to Retractable Utility Knife also provide easy blade changes and storage for five spare blades.

Fiskars Pro Drywallers Utility Knife, Model 770060 is a drywallers dream, as well as virtually any contractor.

The Drywallers Utility Knife has two blades, one for standard utility use and a jab saw for extra versatility. Both knives deploy from the same end preventing accidental injury.

The Jab Saw blade provided easy cutting of drywall for things like plumbing access and the addition of electrical boxes.

The knife has a top hinge that opens and allows for easy cleaning of debris, something quite common with drywall work.

A button on the top of the knife allows easy blade retraction.

A reinforced metal end allows easy knock out of drywall.

The push and slide mechanism allows for easy blade changes. The blade is secured by a magnet.

The Fiskars Pro Snap Blade Utility Knife is available in two sizes. The 18mm is model 770210 and the 25 mm is the 770220. Commonly used in box cutting and things like caulk removal or the like, these blades are incredibly versatile.

The big feature on these two knives as the name indicates is their ability to snap the end portion off to reveal a fresh blade. It also has the ability to catch these blades so there is no risk of losing them.

You can reload the blade from the front allowing easy and safe blade changes.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review Performance

When I first saw these utility knives I was truly struck by their initial quality. I have had a chance to use these knives over the last month and I have to say they exceeded my already high expectations. Often times utility knives with unique features seem a little gimmicky. Generally, they seem to be disappointing once you’ve really put them to work. These really aren’t though.

One thing that stands out is how well made they are. I did drop several of my daily users, such as the Pro Snap Blade Utility Knives, more times than I can count but I never saw any damage. Nor did any of the side hinge knives pop open following the impact of a drop, something all too common in utility knives. I also felt the blades were exceptional. I cut a lot of cardboard and plastic, as well as a number of other things like fabric etc that you may come in contact with. Despite the abuse, these knives never seemed too dull.

The two specialty knives, the Pro Painters Utility Knife and the Pro Drywallers Utility Knife are both incredibly useful. If you have ever had a need to open a five-gallon paint can, you know they are no joke. No matter what you seem to do, its a fight. The small metal hook did a great job at providing just the right amount of leverage to pull the lid off quickly minus the struggle. I also felt the included Philips bit was nothing short of genius. I can see this knife being a painter’s best friend.

The Pro Drywallers Utility Knife is a really useful multi-purpose knife. It has the standard utility knife, which is very handy but the jab saw is what really makes this knife special. I will never forget the first time I had to cut open a wall to repair a small plumbing connection. It was an awful experience because I didn’t have the proper tools. The next time around I purchased a jab saw, and it made a massive difference. I believe I paid about fifteen dollars for that tool and while it was an improvement, it was nowhere near the quality of this Fiskars Utility Knife. This knife is definitely one of my favorites in the bunch!

These Utility Knives have virtually every feature you could want and then some. While some features are geared towards certain professions, the reality is that homeowners will find these unique additions useful too.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review Value

You can find the full lineup of Fiskars Products on their Website.

Fiskars Folding Utility Knife- Item 770030  $17.99

Fiskars Painting Knife- 770050 – 29.99

Fiskars Pro Retractable Utility Knife 770020 – 19.99

Fiskars Pro Fixed Utility Knife – 770010 17.99

Fiskars Pro Drywallers Utility Knife – 770060 29.99

Fiskars Pro Snap-Off Utility Knife- 18mm Item 770210 17.99

Fiskars Pro Snap Blade Utility Knife- 25mm – Item 770220 19.99

These Utility Knives fall in the middle of the range for similar models. While you will absolutely be able to purchase less expensive knives, for me these never last. There is also the end of the spectrum where the cost goes a little overboard, and while you may find great features and quality, you’ll be heartbroken if they ever go missing. I like where Fiskars came in with a very fair price point that is accessible without losing quality. With Fiskars warranty and overall construction quality, these are an exceptional value for those that use knives daily.

Fiskars Utility Knives Review Final Thoughts

For virtually every contractor, utility knives are a must have in your toolbox or belt. I am also willing to bet that most homeowners have the same struggle I had, where inexpensive knives seem to cause more trouble than they are worth. Thankfully the Fiskars Utility Knife line offers both value and performance that is accessible to all users.

Fiskars is a name that has been around a long time and is known for quality cutting tools. Their Pro-Utility Knives are an excellent addition to their stellar lineup and have a slew of features everyone is sure to love. If you are in the market for a new Utility Knife, I would definitely recommend looking into the Fiskars Pro line.

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fiskars-utility-knives-reviewFiskars Utility Knives offer a wide range of features for users in all fields. The quality is remarkable, not only the materials but the overall construction stood out to me. I used these knives consistently over the last few months and found them to be comfortable, and the features to be well thought out and executed. These Utility Knives are a great addition to your tool collection, and one you are sure to be reaching for.



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