Fiskars Garden Tools Review

Fiskars Garden Tools Review

Fiskars is a brand well known in both the professional and the homeowner realm for providing innovative and long-lasting tools. If you have ever used their small gardening tools, you can instantly tell the difference between them and their less expensive counterparts. Outdoor tools, whether your mower or your shovel, aren’t likely tools you seek to replace frequently. But if their performance and quality don’t measure up, you may find yourself in a tough position of repeat purchases, something no one enjoys. Today we will take a look at some offerings from Fiskars that will certainly get you ready for spring in the Fiskars Garden Tools Review.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review Overview

A few years ago, I began a really fun hobby of raising monarch caterpillars. Essentially, I built a butterfly garden and then grew their host plant along with all the flowers they prefer. They came in droves and the first year I was able to successfully release over 400 healthy adult butterflies. Now there is a lot to this process, but it was a really fun adventure both my kids and I enjoyed.

As part of this process, I spent a lot of time in the garden and quickly began to see the difference between quality gardening tools and the ones you wish you wouldn’t have bothered buying. Fiskars was quickly my top choice for gardening tools as their quality was clear from the very beginning. Fiskars is known for their quality and precision as well as features that are unique. Much like the Fiskars Utility Knives, the Garden tools are exceptional as well.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review Features

Fiskars Garden Tools Review

Fiskars sent several garden tools to review to give you a good idea of their lineup. All of their garden tools come with the Fiskars lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review

A common feature in these Fiskar Garden Tools is the PowerGear technology which provides three times more power by improving leverage.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review

The Softgrip handles provide slip-free use and improve user comfort.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review

The blades all feature Fiskars low friction coating to reduce gumming and improved movement when cutting. Hardened steel blades resist dulling to provide longer life and easier cutting.

Power Gear 2 Softgrip Pruner- Item #392791, allows you to comfortably cut up to ¾ inch in diameter giving incredible versatility to their pruners.

The handles are unique in that they have a rolling motion to them which provides a more natural hand movement. The Softgrip touchpoints allow these pruners to remain incredibly comfortable during use.

PowerGear2 Hedge Shears- Item 392861 are 23-inch long hedge trimming shears.

The blades come in at 10 inches, allowing a large cutting area per swipe. The long handles provide exceptional reach for trimming hedges.

PowerGear2 Lopper Item 394801- 32-inch loppers have an extended reach but remain comfortable and well-balanced weight wise.

The gear designed on the loppers is designed to give improved power in the middle of the cut, making thick branches no match for these loppers. Fiskars allows for up to two full inches of cutting giving them incredible versatility.

BillHook Saw- Item 385071- this 19-inch saw is designed to make vines, stems and branches a thing of the past.

Hardened steel and rust resistant coating provides incredible cutting power and resists dulling and sticking.

The curved blades allow you to cut by pulling, and the coarse edge gives an advantage in fibrous plants.

Fiskars included their Softgrip handle for comfort and improved use and added dimples for blister prevention. The flared handle improves the user’s grip as well and is large enough to use two hands.

The included sheath allows for safer storage and portability.

Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw and Pruner- Item 394631 is a great addition to a garden tool collection for those with trees and high branches.

This Pole Saw and Pruner extends up to 16 feet allowing an impressive amount of reach.

The pole is designed with an oval shaft for less flex and better user control. The pole is made of fiberglass and aluminum for reduced weight without sacrificing strength.

Locking systems allow the pole saw to be stored and used safely without unexpected movement.

The chain-drive gearing mechanism gives improved cutting power.

The steel pruner and 15-inch WoodZig saw allow increased versatility in use. The pruner cuts up to 1-1/4 inch thick and has low friction coating for better cuts. The Woodzig saw features hooked ends for sawing and to improve grip on branches.

Kangaroo Garden Bag- 30 Gallon Item # 94056949 is a unique solution to outdoor storage. Providing both short-term and long-term purposes depending on your needs.

Tear and mildew resistant vinyl coated polyester allow for a long use life without encountering common issues during use. The handles on the side give the bag a durable and comfortable option for portability.

The Kangaroo garden bag folds to only three inches thick, allowing easy storage when not in use. The internal springs provide a simple and quick open and provide structure for stability while in use.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review Performance

It is no secret that I own wooded property in Texas. We have lived here for a little over a year and I can tell you first hand, that maintaining several hundred trees and trails as well as your standard garden beds is no joke. Add in the expanding butterfly garden and we have our work cut out for us. As most homeowners do, we quickly learned that if there was ever a place to spend a few extra dollars, it was in our garden tools. The difference between serviceable tools and tools that use rugged materials took hard work and made it just a bit easier.

I have not had an issue with any of these tools, they all exceeded my expectations significantly. The loppers were a huge standout for me as I generally find that these tools tend to dull quickly. We have a lot of yaupon trees, which are a very fibrous tree that grows rapidly here. The loppers never had an issue slicing right through it, something I was thrilled to see. We have quite a few wild vines as well, something that can be difficult to manage, but the BillHook Saw came in really handy. In the past, I never used saws like this often, but I found this one to be one of my favorite tools of the bunch.

In the garden, the small pruner was a true standout. I loved how the handles turned to give significant force behind the cutting. You could quickly and easily trim plants, even generally difficult ones like roses or shrubs that are quite mature. The Hedge Shears were effective and comfortable to use as well. They provided clean and precise cuts for an excellent finish. I think the Kangaroo Bag is fairly genius. I used to use an old trashcan to gather weeds and small debris, but the bag is a lot easier to manage and maneuver. The small footprint of it folded up makes it easy to store.

In addition to these tools from Fiskars, I have used dozens of others over the years from shovels and rakes to smaller hand gardening tools too. There is truly no comparison in how well they perform each task. Fiskars spends an incredible amount of time perfecting the grips and gear functions to give you the best result with as little effort as possible. While maintaining your yard can be hard work, I value the fact that Fiskars sought to alleviate some of the effort needed.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review Value

You can find Fiskars Garden Tools at several major retailers, I have linked the listings I found on Amazon. These prices were less than other places, but be sure to check out for other information.

Kangaroo Garden Bag- 30 Gallon Item # 94056949 $21.99 on sale for $13.01

Power Gear 2 Softgrip Pruner Item #392791 $22.00

PowerGear2 Hedge Shears- Item 392861 $29.99

PowerGear2 Lopper 32 inches 394801 $33.49

BillHook Saw 19 inches- Item 385071 $20.99

Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw and Pruner- Item 394631 $84.97

I honestly think Fiskars prices their tools very well for what they are. You certainly can find less expensive options, but with Fiskars, you know you will have a lifetime of use. Their lifetime warranty is among the best I have ever heard of. If you factor in repeat purchases, Fiskars has huge cost savings over time. Their quality, exceptional features, and performance makes them an excellent value for both homeowners and professionals alike.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review Final Thoughts

I am thoroughly impressed with the lineup of Fiskars Garden Tools. Without a doubt when you purchase a Fiskars product you know you will love the performance and quality. It’s easy to appreciate features like comfortable grips and coated hardened steel blades. Gears that provide better cutting power are a bonus too, making the work of gardening a little more enjoyable and a bit easier.

With spring right around the corner here in Texas, I know one thing is for sure, these Fiskars garden tools will be in constant use. I appreciate the Fiskars warranty which makes the investment into their tools a no brainer. With a wide range of options for users everywhere, you know that Fiskars will have the garden tools you need most.

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fiskars-garden-tools-reviewFiskars brings an aggressive new lineup of gardening tools that are sure to please both professionals and homeowners. With features like PowerGear technology and Softgrip handles, Fiskars aims to make laborious jobs just a bit easier. The Fiskars lineup of garden tools provides excellent performance, features and value, making them an excellent choice for all users.


  1. I have Fiskar branch cutter claiming 2″ cut power. Well, its blade after few applications do not look like a blade anymore rather a saw.

  2. The Fiskars products are generally good but the PowerGrip 2 hand pruner is a dangerous product. Twice now one of my employees and myself have ripped the skin off our thumbs while pruning. As well as it works it’s a very unsafe product. The problem is that your thumb floats free while your palm and fingers apply downward pressure during the cut. If you thumb gets close to the downward action the protruding hard part of the handle with gouge out all the layers of your skin and it’s a bloody mess. I have now restricted all of our employees from using this product until it’s safely engineered.

  3. I hate the stickers on the tools. Who really wants to use tools with bright branding and bar codes on them?
    I tried for an hour or more to get the sticker off my hand trowel, and when the handle and my hands just became a mass of sticky glue, I gave up and threw the trowel in the bin. Very disappointed.


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