12 Days of Christmas – 2020 – Day 10

Christmas Gift Guide

Day 10 is here and I know what you’re thinking, a tape measure?  Yes, it’s not the most exciting but it’s one of those tools everyone needs.  If you are a homeowner or contractor, a good tape is a staple of your tool collection.  Today we have three tapes I would highly recommend.  Sure, you can get cheaper tapes, but let’s face it, they stink.  Spend a couple of dollars more and get the best ones on the market.  And isn’t your loved one worth every penny?

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12 Days of Christmas Breakdown

12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 10

Product Name

  • Name – Stanley Fatmax Tape Measure
  • Model – 33-716Y
  • Price – $19
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot

  • Name – Milwaukee Wide Blade Tape Measure
  • Model – 48-22-0216
  • Price – $20
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot

  • Name – Dewalt Tape Measure
  • Model – DWHT33924S
  • Price – $22
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot

Why A Tape Measure Makes the Perfect Gift

The one thing I found out when I was doing my house remodel and my house addition is that a good tape measure is a must.  I went through a ton of tapes over time. I would drop them and they would break, they would bend and would break, I would scratch them and the numbers would come off.  It turned out to be a real pain.  I had three tapes that stood up over time, the Stanley, the Milwaukee, and the Dewalt.

The Fatmax is one of the original bigger tapes and is still one of the best.  Priced below the others, it’s a great tape to own.

My favorite is Milwaukee.  Not sure why, I think it was the size and feel of the tape.  The stand out is great and I just like how it feels, which might sound weird, but working with a tape that is easy to read and use, is a nice peace of mind.

Dewalt is another great alternative.  Very nice and easy to work with but a little higher priced than the Milwaukee.

Final Thoughts

For me, I am a huge fan of the Milwaukee tapes.  I love the standout, the feel, and how easy they are to read.  The Dewalt and Stanley are also great tapes.  For me, I also like the 16′ because of the size.  While the 16′ does most of my jobs, I sometimes regret not going with a 25′, but that is rare.  Give the most practical gift this year with a quality tape measure.


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