5 Christmas Gifts for under $25

Meat Claws

Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner.  Do you know what you want for Christmas or are you looking for gift ideas for 2020?  If so we put a couple of buying guides together to give you some great ideas.  As always, we love to hear your thoughts on cool gift ideas.

Before we jump in, here are a couple of helpful links that always seem to get overlooked when shopping.  Check out the Amazon Daily Deals and don’t forget to check out the coupons on Amazon as that can also save you a lot of money.

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5 Christmas Gifts for under $25

1DEWALT 110-Piece Shank Screwdriver Bit Set

  • Price – $24.95
  • Rating – 125 Reviews – 5 Stars
  • LinkDewalt Bits
  • Description – For $25, this is a great gift.  While they aren’t the best bits in the world, they are much better than the no-name brands we have seen over the years.  Perfect for the homeowner.  You get a variety of sizes and types, not to mention the drill bits and holder, plus the cases.

2Grilling Basket and Skewers

  • Price – $24.99
  • Rating – 141 Reviews – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkD-ICE Kabob Grilling Basket & Grilling Skewers Stainless Steel
  • Description – I love grilling and I love kabobs.  I have never seen anything like these baskets before.  How cool is this?  Plus you even get a couple of nice skewers with the baskets.

3Baseball Bedside Light

  • Price – $19.89
  • Rating – 530 Reviews – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkFlyonSea Baseball Light 7 Colors Change
  • Description – I bought this for my boys.  While they love it, I am a huge fan.  It just looks cool and plus you can change the colors and set timers.  This is a very cool gift for those who are into baseball.

4Corn Peeler



  • Price – $9.99
  • Rating – 2,642 Reviews – 4 Stars
  • LinkChef’n Cob Corn Stripper (Yellow)
  • Description – I don’t own this but I will soon.  I love corn.  We always grill it but have corn leftover.  I am always sitting with a knife to clean each ear.  This looks like a much better and safer alternative.

5Metal Meat Claws

  • Price – $23.99
  • Rating – 1,092 Reviews – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkMetal Meat Claws
  • Description – If you smoke meat or use a crock pot, these are handy tools to have around.  No more grabbing forks and trying to shred meat.  If you don’t like metal claws, they also offer plastic claws.

So there you go.  That is the 5 Christmas Gifts for under $25


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