5 Christmas Gifts for under $100

Dewalt Radio

Today is our third installment of cool gift ideas for 2020.  Today we are focusing on gifts that are $100.  So let’s check out 5 cool gift ideas that fall under the $100 limit.

Before we jump in, here are a couple of helpful links that always seem to get overlooked when shopping.  Check out the Amazon Daily Deals and don’t forget to check out the coupons on Amazon as that can also save you a lot of money.

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5 Christmas Gifts for under $100

1DEWALT 20V Speaker

  • Price – $84.98
  • Rating – 1,815 Reviews – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkDEWALT 20V Bluetooth Speaker – DCR010
  • Description – I own this speaker and I love it.  For the size, the sound is great.  Hooks up to Bluetooth right away and the range isn’t too bad.  Who doesn’t like some tunes in their life?

2Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

  • Price – $55.27
  • Rating – 8,863 Reviews – 4.8 Stars
  • LinkKershaw Leek Pocket Knife, 3 inch Blade, Frame Lock
  • Description – I own a version of this knife and absolutely love it.  It has a nice heavy feeling to it, the blade stays sharp for a long time and it’s a great EDC.

3Milwaukee Light


  • Price – $79.87
  • Rating – 104 Reviews – 4.8 Stars
  • LinkMilwaukee Light Kit
  • Description – When it comes to lights, Milwaukee has it down.  With this kit, you get a great rechargeable light along with two pens lights, which are my favorite.  For the size, they shine a ton of light.

4Cast Iron Kit

  • Price – $99.99
  • Rating – 3,620 Reviews – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkCast Iron Cookware 5-Pc Set
  • Description – I am a huge fan of cast iron.  There is something about the taste.  This is a great kit to get you started making tasty dinners.

5Milwaukee Inflator

  • Price – $99
  • Rating – 830 Reviews – 4.8 Stars
  • LinkMilwaukee M12 Inflator
  • Description – I have been using this inflator for a long time.  I use it for car tires, bike tires, and all my kid’s toys.  This thing just keeps on running and plus it’s nice not having to get the compressor out for smaller jobs like filling tires.

So that’s another wrap on the 5 Christmas Gifts for under $100.


  1. not related to Chevy but there is a resemblance.
    Dewalt should have put a cell phone holster on the radio with some interaction to the receiver like an amp for distance. For lrge areas. Who wants the phone stuck on their face when they’re working.


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