12 Days of Christmas – 2020 – Day 9

Christmas Gift Guide

This is one of my most used tools that we have on our Christmas list.  Okay, actually  almost all the gifts are and that is why they are on the list but this is one I use a lot.  A vacuum is one of the most practical gifts you can give for Christmas.  What house or job site doesn’t need a vacuum?  Especially if you have kids around or even a husband like me who spills more on my shirt than I get in my mouth.

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12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 9

Product Name

  • Name – Milwaukee Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Model – 0880-20-48-59-1840PG
  • Price – $200
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot

Why Milwaukee Makes the Perfect Gift

When it comes to small vacuums, one of my top picks is the Milwaukee.  This is one I use all the time.  Before my house remodel, I used it all over the house and for my vehicle.  Then during my house renovation and addition, I used it all the time for clean-ups and more.  Now that I am almost all done with the house, I am using it again for cleaning up around the house, the shop, and the vehicles.

I like all the accessories and the run time of this vacuum.  If you need a great, practical Christmas gift, check this out.  Even if someone isn’t in the Milwaukee M18 battery platform, this is a great introduction to the system, plus it comes with two batteries and a charger so you are ready from day one.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love this vacuum.  While the Hilti is my favorite, it’s about twice the cost of this vacuum.  If you are on a job site and need a dust collector for concrete and other stuff, the Hilti is the way to go.  Otherwise, Milwaukee is a great alternative as it’s powerful and has great run time.


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