12 Days of Christmas – 2020 – Day 11

Christmas Gift Guide

Today we are talking tables.  Not any tables but we are talking work tables.  If you are like me, room in my garage is at a premium.  While I love doing work around the house, I need a work table that is strong, easy to set up, and something that breaks down and easy to store.  So let’s take a look at today’s Christmas gift, the folding work table.

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12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 11

Product Name

  • Name – Keter Folding Table Work Bench
  • Model – 17182239
  • Price – $80
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Why Keter Makes the Perfect Gift

When it comes to foldable work tables, the Keter is number one.  While I was never a fan of plastic workbenches, once I found out who Keter is and the products they make, I was intrigued.  Once I tried the table, I was sold.

When it comes to plastics, Keter is number one.  They can design a perfect product from plastic so it’s strong and lightweight but they know how to reinforce it with metal or other materials to make it even stronger.

This is easily my favorite work bench on the market.  I used to be a fan of two saw horses and then a piece of plywood as a table top, but it was always so cumbersome to set up and store.  This table takes that away and gives me a strong work surface without the hassle.

Final Thoughts

This is a great gift for anyone who needs some extra workspace.  The table is strong, easy to set up, and easy to break down.  You can store it where it doesn’t eat up a lot of room in your garage, shed, or basement, which all of this is why it makes a great gift.


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