Company WebsiteSouthwire
Headquarters – Carrollton, Georgia
Established – 1937
Parent Company – Southwire, LLC
Public/Private – Private
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Target Market – Professionals

About Southwire

Southwire Company, LLC is North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of electricity.

Pocket Knife Features 101

Pocket Knife Features 101
For generations, knives have been a go-to must-have tool for the tradesperson to keep in their pocket. No matter what line of work, I...

Southwire Drivers Review

Southwire released a large lineup of new tools recently, from pocket knives, which we reviewed here, to multimeters and testers. What you may have...

Southwire EDGEFORCE Knives Review

Southwire EDGEFORCE Knives Review
Southwire Tools has launched a few new products recently. Of all the launches I have seen from Southwire, these were the most anticipated. As...

Southwire Electrician Kit Review

Southwire Electrician Kit Review
Southwire might not be a name your familiar with, well unless you're an electrician. If you're not familiar with Southwire, take a look at...

Meet Southwire

Dan and I were driving in the car the other day and took some time to laugh at ourselves.  Why were we laughing at...

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