Southwire Extension Cord – The Polar Solar Cord

Southwire Extension Cord

Southwire is one of my favorite companies.  While there is a lot to love about them, including they are a family-owned company right here in the USA. There are even more things that stand out to me. Definitely that Southwire produces quality products. And I really respect what they do for their electricians’ community. And of course their philanthropy in the USA.  But today I want to talk about something that isn’t as sexy but something we all have experience with, extension cords. So before we jump into the features of a specific Southwire Extension Cord, let’s talk extension cords in general.

Southwire Extension Cord Overview

When it comes to extension cords, I always want the best.  I have had too many experiences dealing with crappy cords.  The ends break, the sheathing is thin, it is too stiff to deal with when it’s cold; my list goes on and on.

Well, I think I found the perfect cords and wanted to share them with you. The Southwire Polar/Solar cords.  Right from the start you can tell when Southwire made these cords they didn’t cut corners.

Southwire Extension Cord Features

Southwire has a variety of Polar/Solar cords available; you can check out the Southwire Cords here. But the model I am going to focus on here is the Polar/Solar 1787SW0002 10/3 Extra Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJEOOW 25′ Cold Weather Extension Cord.

In general, this extension cord has a lot of features to love. My favorite is it is manufactured right here in the United States of America. And here are some specific features:

  • The cord is rated for -58F to 221F, which is a wide temperature range.
  • It is a 15 Amps, 125 Volts, and 1875 Watts cord.
  • It is UL listed, which is a safety must-have.

Southwire Extension Cord

The yellow jacket makes this easy to see so it helps avoid trip hazards and makes it easy to find.  The cord is well insulated and the sheathing is abrasion, chemical, and oil resistant.

I am not sure how to adequately describe the construction and feel of the connector/receptacle ends, but they are not cheaply made. Based on my initial impression, these will be intact and in good working order for years to come. No matter how many times we unplug it by pulling on the cord instead of the actual clear molded end.

Southwire Extension Cord

One cool feature is the receptacle end will light up so you know if you have power.  No more wondering if it’s the tool, the cord itself, or if it came unplugged.

Southwire Extension Cord Performance

In a perfect world, nothing will happen to your extension cord.  However, we don’t live in a perfect world.  We live in a world where people will step on, roll things over, and even drive over extension cords.  So when it comes down to it, you want something that can take the abuse.

The sheathing on these cords is not only flexible and resistant to outside elements, but it seems thick enough to withstand a wide variety of different types of abuse.

Southwire Extension Cord

Again, I am not recommending this and I am sure Southwire doesn’t recommend this but when I roll up my cords, I always put an end through the loop so I can carry the cord by the end.  I know it puts stress on the end of the cord, but this is one of those tough cords, and I’m confident it can handle it.

One of our latest snowfalls in the Chicago area gave us the opportunity to show you how Southwire Polar/Solar extension cords perform in the cold.  I know this one is a different gauge but it is still a Southwire Polar/Solar cord.  Dan plugged in his diesel truck overnight and even after sitting out all night, the cord was still flexible and easy to work with.

Watch us test Southwire Polar/Solar Extension Cord

Southwire Extension Cord Value

The Polar/Solar 1787SW0002 10/3 Extra Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJEOOW 25′ Cold Weather Extension Cord retails for $59.45 on Amazon.  Yes, you can get cheaper power cords but nothing like this one. You will not find a better extension cord for under $60. This cord is tough, built to high standards, offers features others don’t and stays flexible in even cold weather.

Southwire Extension Cord Wrap Up

If you are looking for an extension cord, check out the Southwire Polar/Solar line.  They are built right here in the states with quality materials and are built to last.  The fact that they are pliable in cold weather is ice(ing) on the cake.


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