Southwire Fasteners and Supports

Southwire Fasteners and Supports

When it comes to professional electrical products and supplies, Southwire is the leader for a number of reasons.  First and foremost is their product quality.  Anything from their wire, to their accessories, to their tools is always top-notch.  Second, is the number of products they offer.  When you need anything electrical, Southwire will indeed have it.  The list goes on and on about why Southwire is number one in their field. But before we jump in and talk about the Southwire Fasteners and Supports, I want to touch on why I think they are the best company around.

Yes, I said it, the best company around.  I love the quality and the number of products they offer but what I like best about them, is what they do for their community, how they support this country, and they are family owned.  They don’t brag about everything they do, they just do it.  In fact, it’s extremely hard to find anything about what they do for their community and country, but here are two links: 12 for Life and Wounded Warrior. Their involvement in these programs is just two examples of their dedication to community and country.  Now let’s take a look at just one small part of the company.  While I say it’s a small part, they have a huge line of fasteners and supports.

Southwire Fasteners and Supports Information

Here is just an example of some of the fasteners they offer.  As you would expect from Southwire, these are all high-quality.  Here are just a couple of benefits you get with Southwire Fasteners and Supports:

  • Heat-treated and coated steel construction
  • Lightweight, flexible but strong
  • Great gripping force and high load capacity
  • Easy install
  • UL listed
  • Anti-corrosion coating

Need more information?  They have a catalog that contains 205 pages of nothing but fasteners and support systems.   Cable/Conduit, Structural Attachments, Stud/Drywall, Datacom/Low Voltage, Acoustical/Ceiling.  Pretty much anything you need, Southwire offers it.

Heck, even if you need some gloves, they offer those also.  Not big bulky gloves but gloves that are designed for the electrician (Glove1L).  With padded leather palms and touchscreen fingertips.

Southwire Fasteners and Supports Wrap Up

Again, I know I sound like a broken record but Southwire is a great company.  Sure the quality is there, but also how they treat their communities and help the country is a huge reason that I am such a fan of Southwire.  Their line of Fasteners and Supports are just a small sample of what this company has to offer.  Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with Southwire.


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