Southwire and Wounded Warrior Partnering Up

Southwire and Wounded Warrior

Southwire is an extraordinary company.  Not only because they make some of the best tools, but also their dedication to our country and also our communities.  One of the best programs I have ever heard of is through Southwire. Check it out here, 12 for Life.  Seriously, I have not heard of one other company in any sector that does more for their communities than Southwire.  Sure there are a lot of companies who donate money, but Southwire does so much more. I think sometimes companies give money so they can advertise how great they are. But Southwire doesn’t just donate money, they create opportunities, engage in their communities, and actually make changes for the better.  This brings me to another reason Southwire is just an amazing company, Southwire partnered with Wounded Warrior Project to help our veterans.

Not only are they donating money to Wounded Warrior Project, but they will be doing so much more (follow the link above to learn more).  This is just another reason Southwire is an extraordinary company.  I love how they support their communities and our country. So for me, I like supporting companies like Southwire.  Now you can do as much supporting as you want but you still have to offer a good product people want to buy.  Lucky for all of us, they have some of the best electricians’ tools around.  This means we can support Southwire, they can support our country, and we get to use some of the best tools on the market, so it’s a win for everyone.  Now let me just jump into two different hand tools to give you examples of the quality tools they offer.

These are part of the Wounded Warrior Project line of tools.

9″ Side Cutting Plier

The Southwire side cutting pliers are one of the best we have used over the years.  Smooth operation, tough and will last a lifetime. These are tough because they are designed with American Forge Steel.  They are smooth because they are built with a hot riveted joint.

The high leverage design means more cutting power and is easier to operate.  Do you want durability?  The induction hardened cutting blades will make sure they stay sharp.  You can cut both ACSR hard and soft wire.  And the jaws have file-teeth to help remove burrs in the conduit.

So when it comes to side cutting pliers, these are easily up for any task in any environment.

9″ Cable Cutter

Just like the side cutters, the cable cutters are some of the best in the market.  They also offer toughness because of the American Forged Steel.  The induction hardened and hand sharpened cutting blades are designed to stay sharp and last.  A user can cut up to 4/0 AWG aluminum and 2/0 AWG copper cables.

Just like the side pliers, these also offer a hot riveted pivot for smooth action.  Speaking of smoothness and ease of operation, let’s talk about where your hands hold the tools.


Southwire and Wounded Warrior

Both of these tools have dipped handles which means not only will they last, but they offer comfort.  Another thing I love about these handles is the length.  Your full hand fits comfortably on the handles which also provides for greater leverage and ease of cutting.

Wrap Up

I really can not say enough about Southwire.  I love their tools and love their mission.  They really help out Americans nationally and locally.  They don’t just provide high-quality tools for the professional, but they give back and make this a better place in more ways than one.  I never try and push products on anyone, but in this instance, if you are looking for electricians’ hand tools, you have to look at Southwire, for all the right reasons.


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