Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

If you are like me, I can’t get excited about a pizza oven.  Sure I love pizza as much as the next person, but I could never understand this huge movement toward pizza ovens and even going as far as building one in the backyard.  Who eats that much pizza? So I have to admit, when I first saw the Halo Versa Pizza Oven at the builder show, I walked by.  But something caught my attention and drew me back in.

Halo Versa Pizza

Okay, it wasn’t one thing that drew my attention, it was two things.  First, I saw the rotating stone and it wasn’t even plugged in.  Awesome, that means portability.  I can take this camping, tailing gating, and more. Second, I saw other food than just pizza.  Sure the perfectly cooked pizza sitting there was appealing to the eye, but there was other food.

Okay, they call it a pizza oven but it’s so much more.  So for me, this is a product I would actually use because I could cook my pizza, but I can do so much more.  In fact, when you watch the video below, you will see, I ended up cooking much more than just pizza.

Bottom line, if you think you know pizza ovens, you don’t know anything about them until you see this Halo Versa Pizza oven.  The quality, the design, the ease of use, the ease of set up, the portability, and the cooking experience make this a one-of-a-kind pizza oven.

Halo Versa Pizza Features

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

So here it is, the Halo Versa Pizza Oven.  This oven reaches 950° F in 12 minutes or at least that is what they claim.  For me, I felt it reached that temperature much quicker.  Yes, you have to take a little time for the stone to heat up that hot, but this oven heats up extremely quickly.  Best of all, it will cook a pizza in about 5 minutes.  Not only will it cook a pizza in 5 minutes, but it does it to perfection.

As a note, you can see I have this set up on my plastic work bench.  Even after using it for long periods of time, the bench never got hot, which means it is safe for the back of your tailgate or even that wood picnic bench.  As always, please read the owner’s manual for the proper use and setup.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

On the front of the oven, there is an open space for you to be able to slide in your pizza.  You will also notice on the front, two buttons, and one knob.  The push button on the left is the ignitor button, and the button on the right is to start and stop the rotation of the stone.  The center knob is to adjust your heat.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Also, on the front is a large temperature gauge that is easy to read.  I like how it’s on an angle so I am not trying to bend over and see the temperature.  I can stand up and easily see the temperature.

One of my favorite features of this oven is the quality.  When they designed this oven, they didn’t cut any corners.  For me, this is huge because I feel so many products try to cut corners and save a buck, but in the end, the consumer suffers.  With the Halo, it’s quality from top to bottom, which I will get into more of it later.

Again, someone was thinking.  Why not have a quick-connect gas line?  Yes, it cost them more money with this type of connection but for the consumer, it’s so much easier to connect and disconnect.  The oven will run off either a 1lb or 20lb tank.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

On each side of the oven, there is a large rubber strap to easily use and secure the lid to the base.  Again, these are thick bands, not some cheap thin bands.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Speaking of quality, even the hinges on the back are quality.  They use two heavy-duty hinges on the back so the lid opens and closes easily.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Okay, so we know the company didn’t cut corners.  But now let’s jump into where the magic happens, the inside.

Opening the lid, there is more than enough room and easy access to get inside and do anything you need to do.  The lid fully opens and stays open.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

The stone is a 16″ stone so more than enough room for a large pizza or other items you want to cook in this oven.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Once you take the stone out, you can easily see and remove the stone holder, which makes cleaning a snap.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Under the stone holder is a drip or crumb pan.  Again, it removes extremely easy for cleaning.  Plus the pan is large enough that it really collects anything that falls off the edge of the stone.

So here is the heart and soul of this oven, the burners.  Yes, it has a dual burner system.  There is an infrared burner underneath the stone to heat the stone up.  Couple that with the rotating stone and you get a nice even cook.  On top, there is a gas burner that provides heat above the stone.  So all in all, you get a nice even, and consistent cook.

Again, someone was thinking, and here is just another example of why this oven stands out above the rest.  You can power this by using a wall plug or better yet, 2-D batteries.  This means this is perfect for camping, tailing gating, and anywhere you want to go.

Even for me, I have been using the heck out of this at home and I end up just using the battery because it’s so convenient and easy to set up.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

So here is where I think some genius thought ahead.  Underneath the oven is the power supply and motor.  While this oven is extremely high quality, we know things can happen, especially with motors and power supplies since it’s a moving part.  With a couple of fasteners, I can take out the motor and power supply and easily replace them.  I don’t have to replace the whole oven, just the small box below.

Knowing how high quality this unit is, I am sure the motor and power supply are also high quality and tough.  However, things happen and every motor only has a certain life span.  Whoever came up with this idea, needs a raise.

Halo Versa Pizza Oven

Instead of using four feet, they designed this with two long feet on each side.  Again, it just shows the thinking, design, and quality of this oven.

Halo Versa Pizza Performance

When it comes to performance, I am not sure what I can say.  This went above and beyond anything, I thought of when I think of a pizza oven.  This cooked both a frozen and homemade pizza to perfection.  Even the frozen pizza was delicious, which says a lot.

Best of all, it’s not just a pizza oven, it’s a portable oven.  Watch the video below.  I was able to cook so much more in this oven, so it offers versatility like no other.

Halo Versa Pizza Price

So how much does this cost?  You can pick this up for $500.  Yes, it’s more than some of the other pizza ovens on the market, but you get so much more.

When you take into consideration the quality, the rotating stone, the ease of use, and the results of what you can cook, $500 is a great price for this oven.

Again, you are getting so much more than just a pizza oven.  You get speed, you get portability and you get a consistent cooking experience every time. This is a bargain buy for anyone.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this is one of those products that blew my expectations away.  I am not just saying that.  This oven is a must-have for anyone.  The quality was better than I expected.  The design of the oven was better than expected.  I love the portability of the oven.  I am infatuated by all the different foods you can cook, but best of all is the final outcome and perfection of cooking this oven offers.

I love eating but I am not the best cook.  This oven makes it easy for me to cook up a wide variety of foods and makes me look like a rock star, well a rock star in their 40s.



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