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Great Stuff

What products come to mind when you think of “foam insulation” and/or “foam cleaner”?  If you don’t already, you should think of Great Stuff Foam Insulation and Cleaner. These are awesome products you would do well to have around for your next renovation project.  For me, Great Stuff Foam Insulation is that magical can that helps me confidently complete insulation projects.  If you have been following us, you know I have been remodeling my home for a while. In truth, I completely gutted my house and also made some additions.  My renovation has been a long process.  This spray foam insulation and foam cleaner were indispensable.  I can’t tell you how many cans of these I have gone through (so far).  Let’s explore a few Great Stuff products in detail.

What is Great Stuff?

Great Stuff Foam Insulation has been a fantastic accessory for my home renovation project.  I applied it around all my windows and other places that needed sealed insulation.  I even used it on my interior doors to minimize creaking hinges. Note, even though the manufacturer doesn’t suggest Great Stuff is for sound suppression, I prefer to fill any open spaces with foam insulation.

While I love foam insulation, there is admittedly a downside to it. If you have ever used a spray foam insulation product like Great Stuff, you know how much of a pain it can be to clean up.  Sure, you can wait around for it to cure and then scrape it off but even that doesn’t always work. And depending on the material, you may need to remove any overspray quickly.  For years I was never able to find an easy way to remove the overspray.  Well, it turns out Great Stuff offers more than just foam insulation.  The brand has a full line that includes caulk, fire block, and even cleaner.  Yes, I said cleaner.  Now that I am done with my house project (well most of it), I find out that Great Stuff has had a cleaner all along. So going forward, dealing with messy overspray will be much easier.

Great Stuff Cleaner

As I was saying, it’s a pain to clean off foam overspray – soap & water don’t work, which can be quite annoying.  It turns out there is a solution: Great Stuff Foam Cleaner.  Not only does it clean off foam overspray, but it also easily cuts through caulk, paint, and adhesives.

I want to emphasize this point because I’m sure you’ll appreciate this feature: as we were testing this product, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to clean up overspray.  Trust me, if you have ever fought with overspray, Great Stuff Foam Cleaner will amaze you with how it takes on overspray, as well as silicone caulk.

Great Stuff FireBlock

Foam insulation is handy for general applications, but sometimes you may have gaps and openings where you need to stop or slow the spread of heat, smoke, and/or fire.  A critical point: regular spray foam insulation is not a fire retardant.  Never fear; Great Stuff offers FireBlock, a flame-retardant spray designed to insulate and seal spaces, providing an airtight barrier that impedes the spread of smoke and flames.

According to DuPont, FireBlock Insulating Foam Sealant boasts the following properties:

  • Can reliably insulate gaps up to 0.75″ wide
  • Seals gaps formed by electrical wiring and service penetrations
  • Has very little expansion upon application

Best of all, FireBlock comes with a great no-drip applicator. So if you are dealing with overhead work, you don’t have to worry about a mess.

Check out more about Great Stuff.

Great Stuff – More than Foam

So if you were like me and thought Great Stuff was only a one-trick pony, think again.  They offer so much more.  For me, this has been an eye-opener.  I absolutely love this brand and believe in the foam so much, it’s all over my house.  And until recently I had no idea they offered so many more great products.  So when you plan to tackle your next renovation or remodel, have some Great Stuff products around. They will make your life so much easier.


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