Southwire LED Work Light

Southwire LED Work Light

Lighting has come a long way since I first started construction back in 1990.  Yes, I know I am dating myself but the point is that lighting is so much better now than it used to be.  One of the biggest changes is going from hot, easily breakable halogen lights to bright, strong, clean and cool LED lights.  This brings me to today’s article, the Southwire LED Work Light.

Southwire LED Work Light Overview

If you have been following us for a while, you know how much we love Southwire as a company.  There are so many companies out there that could make themselves better if they took a couple of plays from the Southwire playbook.

The light we are covering today is one of my favorite lights around because of the size, quality, brightness, and light’s color temperature. Adequate lighting is key to any work site.  Light provides safety and also lets you see what you are doing. And poor lighting can be frustrating.  I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to work in areas with low light and it just makes everything harder.

So let’s jump in and see some of the features of this light and then we can go into why I like it so much.

Southwire LED Work Light Features

Southwire LED Work Light

Southwire has four of these work lights available.  They all have the same features and benefits, the only difference, besides weight is the lumens.  They offer 1500 (CSW1X1), 3000 (CSW3X1), 5000 (CSW5X1), and a 10000 (CSW10X1) lumen work lights.

The one we are taking a look at today is the CSW3X1 which is the 3000 lumen light.

Southwire LED Work Light

Yes, you want to be able to shine the light in any direction so they built the light with a multi-position ratching frame which makes it easier to shine the light in any direction.

The head also pivots 360° making it even easier to light up an area correctly.

Southwire LED Work Light

The 3000 lumen work light has 42 small LED lights that are protected with a clear cover.  These LED lights shine at a color temperature of 5000K which is a neutral-to-cool white light as opposed to a warm white light.

Southwire LED Work Light

The light uses a 18/3 SJTW cord. (SJTW means it is a hard service, thermoplastic cable rated for 300V and approved for outdoor use.)

Southwire LED Work Light

The top has a padded handle for comfort and a secure grip when adjusting, carrying or moving it.

Southwire LED Work Light

On the back of the light, there is a covered push button on/off switch.

As noted above, the head does pivot and I like how small the frame folds down so it’s easier to transport, store, or get into smaller places to shine light. You can adjust the frame a full 180°.

Southwire LED Work Light Performance

In regards to the performance, it’s really hard to show in a picture since the camera never takes it correctly. The first picture above is the room illuminated with our overhead incandescent lights (note the warm tones). The second and third show the same room illuminated with the Southwire LED Work Light.

In addition to the light’s performance, there are a couple of other things I really like. First, I like its dimensions.  It is lightweight (2.7 lbs.). It has a compact frame (approx. 10″ H x 9″W x 7″D) that folds up nicely for transporting or storing.

Secondly, I like the color temperature of the light.  This is a nice clean white light (5000K) and doesn’t cast a yellow tint.  So when you are working, material colors are correctly represented.  This is extremely important to an electrician so you can distinguish between red and orange, black and brown, well you get the point.

Third, I like the amount of light it gives off.  Sure, it’s not going to light up a gym but for the size and weight, it lights up a lot more than what I expected.

Southwire LED Work Light Value

The 3000 lumen LED light is about $50 on Amazon.  All in all, I think this is a great deal.  The light is a quality light, highly adjustable, and has a nice color so I would have no problem spending $50 on this light.  Remember they also have 1500, 5000, and 10000 lumen work lights.

Southwire LED Work Light Wrap up

Bottom line, this is another winner from Southwire and just another example of why I view Southwire as a great company.  I like how they care about quality and the end user.  They don’t seem like they put junk out to just try and make a buck.

This light is worth the cost and it’s a perfect compact work light that not only should all professionals own but even a homeowner. This is a perfect solution when you need quality lighting you can shine in any direction.


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