Milwaukee AIR-TIP Vacuum Accessories

milwaukee air tip accessories

Before we get started, I just want to thank Milwaukee.  This is something I have wanted for years, and a hole that has been in the vacuum industry since it started.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of quality vacuums on the market but they are all about the same.  Everyone tries to make a vacuum that works for all projects and situations.  Here’s the problem, not all projects and situations are the same.  So Milwaukee came up with a very creative product line, the Milwaukee AIR-TIP Vacuum Accessories.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Before we jump into the Milwaukee AIR-TIPs, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of this new Milwaukee shop vacuum so you can see why it’s unique to the industry.  If you would like an in-depth look at the vacuum, check out our full review of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum. And here’s a brief rundown of the vacuum and how it relates to the Milwaukee AIR-TIP Vacuum Accessories.

Milwaukee Vacuum

So here is one of the coolest features of this vacuum, it’s modular.  There are three head units, different size tubs, and two different carts.  So a user can customize their vacuum set-up the way they want it, genius.  And you can even choose to go cordless or corded.

When it comes to keeping the air clean, Milwaukee also offers a variety of different filters depending on what the user is doing.  One of my favorite add-ons is the dust bags for the tub.  You really don’t find this a lot with other shop vacs.  I hate trying to pour out a large tub of dust only for it to fly back in my face.  Plus the dust bags keep the filters cleaner, which also saves money.

The vacuum comes with a 9′ hose but if you want a longer hose, you can also purchase a 16′ hose so your not pulling the vacuum around as much.  Again, most vacuums come with a shorter hose and it can be a pain rolling your vacuum around.  What a great idea, with Milwaukee having a longer hose, plus these are high-quality hoses, not those cheap hard-plastic hoses.

Milwaukee didn’t stop there, they also offer a wide variety of attachments to use with your vacuum.  The above are just some of the attachments they offer to help the user make this a vacuum for their specific needs.

Milwaukee AIR-TIP Vacuum Accessories – What is AIR-TIP?

So as you can see, you can really customize this vacuum to your needs.  Let’s face it, if that was it, this would already be a killer vacuum and one of the best vacuums on the market.  But Milwaukee didn’t stop there.  They wanted more and created the AIR-TIP Trade Focused Vacuum Accessories line which are specific attachments for different trades and different projects.

Now Milwaukee didn’t stop there.  When they designed these attachments for different trades, they also said let’s make sure these attachments are interchangeable.  So you can use these with different diameter vacuum hoses.  So not only will they work with Milwaukee but they would work with some other brands as well.  These AIR-TIPs are compatible with 1-1/4″, 1-7/8″, and 2-1/2″ diameter hoses.  I like the forward-thinking.

Milwaukee AIR-TIP Vacuum Accessories

Here is a quick overview of some of the AIR-TIP attachments Milwaukee offers.

  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Swiveling Palm Brush
  • Model Number – 49-90-2020
  • Price – $34.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Head swivel 360°, interchangeable bristle/brushes, comes with a soft and stiff brush, plus a rubber brush.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Rotating Corner Brush Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2021
  • Price – $19.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Designed for corners, 360° swivel brush.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Dust Collector
  • Model Number – 49-90-2022
  • Price – $49.99
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Rubber which maintains suction to the wall, funnel design to collect more debris when cutting, help reduce dust in the air.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP 3-in-1 Crevice and Brush Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2023
  • Price – $19.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Reversabke brush, 2-sided brush head, brush slides, and removes 16″ length.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Conduit Line Puller Kit
  • Model Number – 49-90-2024
  • Price – $79.00
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Seals for stronger suction, flexible rubber design for small conduit boxes.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP 4-in-1 Right Angle Cleaning Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2026
  • Price – $27.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Gradual bend, includes four tips, great for tight access spots.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Low-Profile Pivoting Brush Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2027
  • Price – $29.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Strong pivoting joint, bristles will not mar surfaces, great for tight areas.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP 2-in-1 Utility Brush Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2028
  • Price – $19.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Great for delicate areas, burhs won’t mar surfaces.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2030
  • Price – $19.99
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Flexible tool shaft, 16″ in length, rubber design.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Pivoting Extension Wand
  • Model Number – 49-90-2031
  • Price – $24.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Strong detent mechanism, pivoting joint.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Magnetic Utility Nozzle
  • Model Number – 49-90-2032
  • Price – $29.99
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Magnetic strip on the front, Black Zinc coating.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Non-Marring Utility Nozzle Kit
  • Model Number – 49-90-2034
  • Price – $27.99
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Non-marring edges, Great for finished surfaces.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Cross Brush Tool
  • Model Number – 49-90-2035
  • Price – $17.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Bristles will not scratch or mar surfaces.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set
  • Model Number – 49-90-2037
  • Price – $39.99
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – 5 Interchangeable micro hose lengths, versatile.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Rocking Utility Nozzle w/ Brushes
  • Model Number – 49-90-2038
  • Price – $19.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Easy to push or pull on surfaces, beveled design, bristles will not scratch surfaces.
  • Name – Milwaukee AIR-TIP Claw Utility Nozzle w/ Brushes
  • Model Number – 49-90-2040
  • Price – $19.97
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Features – Bristles will not scratch surfaces and long handle for better grip and comfort.

Milwaukee AIR-TIP Vacuum Accessories Wrap Up

The bottom line, the Milwaukee line of vacuums is amazing.  I have always been a fan of DeWalt and RIDGID.  However, they don’t offer what Milwaukee offers which is versatility and application/trade-specific attachments.  When I was doing my house, I can’t tell you how many times the Milwaukee vacuum and AIR-TIPs would have been great, especially the Flexible Micro Hose Set for under my baseboard heaters.

I raise my hat to Milwaukee and the team that created this new modular vacuum along with the AIR-TIP Trade Focused Vacuum Accessories.  You have changed the way we use and the way we think of vacuums.  The team that developed this needs a raise.


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