Winter in Chicago blows, luckily so does the the Troy-Bilt 2400 Storm.  Okay enough with the jokes, it has been brutal here in Chicago.  Below zero temps are the norm and snow is an almost everyday occurrence.  With all this snow and plowing, my driveway was getting smaller and smaller with the snow piles mounting up.  As soon as the Troy-Bolt 2410 Storm arrived it was put to work reclaiming my driveway.  I worked it into the icy snow piles and eventually got all of my driveway back.  A snow thrower can direct the snow where you want it eliminating snow piles.  This snow blower is great for Chicago winters.

Last year we checked out the Storm Tracker 2690 XP which is the Cadillac of snow throwers.  The 2410 is an entry level 2 stage snow thrower.  When your single stage isn’t cutting it or you are prone to drifts you are going to want to get a 2 stage.  It cuts drifts like butter and the 2140 even  has mounts to add drift cutters.  The 2410 cuts a 24″ width into its 21″ high intake.  The quality of this machine is good.    Big reflective stripes are a nice safety addition and the paint job screams visibility.  This is good because a lot of the time you are turning around in the street.

A 179cc Troy-Bilt motor powers the 2410.  This is our second experience with a Troy-Bilt engine and we are very impressed.  They are quieter than the now defunct Snow King engines and start a lot easier.  For those of you that need the princess treatment it also has an electric start.  That was a joke, but for older people the electric start is just great and saves your shoulders.  The engine has a dedicated oil drain tube to make maintenance a snap.  A big metal 2 qt fuel tank will keep you running for a long time.  7 forward and 2 reverse speeds propel the pneumatic 13″ x 4″ tires.  They have impressive traction thanks to X-Trac technology and AWD.  The unit can also be easily pushed forwards or backwards manually which really speeds things up in tight areas.

The chute has a manual rotary handle for direction. It is also manually adjusted for height.  The 12″ serrated steel augers chomp through the toughest of snow and ice.  The second stage operation was smooth and we did not experience any clogging in the chute.  If for some reason your augers get jammed up you can use the included auger pick to safely remove the debris.  To wrap it up I think the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 Snow Thrower is a great buy.  It is tough enough for Chicago winters and easy on your pocket book.  It handled everything we threw at it like a champ.