Hilti SCM 18-Volt Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw


What can I say about Hilti that you don’t already know?   If you’re looking for quality, power and a company that backs their tools, Hilti is it.  That’s why when we had a chance to try out the SCM 18V Cordless Metal Saw I had to jump at it.  Now I am not saying I do much cutting with my daily work, but when you need to cut metal, I can say there is no better way.

The first thing you notice with the saw is the balance and how well this feels in your hand. Now I have to admit, you should always use two hands on this saw and there is no excuse not to.  However we all know that sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way.  Now if you had to, which we don’t suggest, but if you need to use this with one hand, it is very easy to control and get the accurate cuts you need.  Now if it’s that easy with one hand, just imagine two hand operation with this bad boy.

In the past I have always used a grinder or reciprocating saw, which isn’t bad and not the end of the world.  But if you are looking for product and ease, this is where the saw shines. Not only does it produce a cold cut, but it produces a perfect finish.  No burring, not even a mess after you cut.  The reason being is Hilti implemented a catch box that catches a lot of the waste materials.  One thing I have to say is there is a clear and bright vision pane for a great line of sight.  But Hilti didn’t stop there, there is even an LED light which also is great for showing up your working cut.

Okay, so what can you cut with this saw?

Ferrous metal:

  • rebar, strut, back-to-back strut, all-thread rod, conduit, angle iron, steel, grating, checker plate, metal deck, siding, sheet metal, joist ,flat steel

All this cutting capacity makes it a versatile tool to have around on any job site.  Not to mention this saw has a great run time, considering what you are cutting.  With the portability, it’s hard to beat.

So you want to see some stats.  Okay here you go:

  • Max Cutting depth – 2.24″
  • Blade Diameter – Range – 6-5/16″ – 6-1/2″ in
  • Weight – 8.8 lbs.
  • Base Plate 9.8″ x 5″

Yes, it does have a variable speed trigger and electric brake.

Time and time again, no matter what we cut, this saw handled it.  Cut after cut, we got a nice clean finish.  Time after time it was always cool to the touch.

Hilti SCM 18 Volt Cordless Metal Saw Comes with

  • 2x B18 3.3 Battery
  • 1x SCM 18-A Cordless metal cutting circular saw
  • 1x C 4/36-90 115V Battery charger
  • 1x SC-C MU 6 1/2×5/8 z40 A Metal cutting circular saw blade
  • 1x Small soft bag


buyamazon1Hilti Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw Kit


Bottom line Hilti created a quality saw and exactly what you would expect from a company of this caliber.  The saw is easy to use, versatile, strong and lasts cut after cut.  If you are looking for a quality saw that will last you and offers portability, with a cold cut, look no further.  The Hilti SCM is an awesome saw.



  1. Good review. I don’t do a lot of metal cutting, but I have cut thru rebar & some steel sheets in the past. Rebar I used my grinder and for the steel sheets I used my regular circular saw with a diamond blade to cut thru. Well, I think it was a diamond saw blade. I can see were a tool like this shines if I regularly cut metal(s). I looked online & its a pricey tool. Laters TIA

  2. I would like to know if the run time is better are similar to the Dewalt or Makita. It looks realy good and probably is its Hilti but not the most use tool so for 900$ not sure

    • Jeth, do you remember your gran-pa tools, if you still have some, i’m shure they work fine, no? So, if you use theme home, for your self, every hilti tool that you buy, will last you all your life and you will give them to your gran-son! Hilti is the last one to built tools that last a life long!!


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