We Review the CRAFTSMAN “Select 26” Gas Snow Blower


Happy January! We are getting absolutely pummeled by snow in Chicago. Good thing we have this CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower to review!

Today we’re showing you the CRAFTSMAN “Select 26” 2-stage Gas Snow Blower. This 26 in. snow blower has a 243cc gas engine and sawtooth steel auger. It’s large and designed to take on the worst winter storms. We just had 12 or more hours of wet snow. Let’s see how it does and if we think you should upgrade to this snow blower.




CRAFTSMAN has been around for almost 100 years and its a popular brand found in most hardware stores. The company creates hand tools, power tools, and outdoor power equipment (OPE). On top of being available in most hardware stores, CRAFTSMAN creates quality tools and equipment at a fair price for consumers. This is how its earned its reputation as a trusted brand and how its survived all these years.

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CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower

CRAFTSMAN 26 in. snow blower plows through snow
CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower. Photo from CRAFTSMAN.
  • Model Name: CRAFTSMAN “Select 26” 26 in. 2-Stage 243cc Gas Snow Blower
  • Model #: CMXGBAM213102
  • Power: 243cc gas engine with electric start.
  • Features: 26 in. wide and 20 in. high clearing paths, gas powered with electric start, made with a sawtooth steel auger, has 200-degree chute rotation, and launches snow up to 40 ft. This self-propelled blower has six forward and two reverse speeds. The chute control joystick, 15 in. snow tires, and dual LED headlights are added for ease of use and maneuverability.
  • Price: $1,199.00
  • Where to Buy: Amazon & Lowe’s.

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Design & Features

CRAFTSMAN 26 in. snow blower engine and fuel tank
CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower fuel tank and engine

Let’s start with the power on this CRAFTSMAN 26 in. snow blower. It is powered by a 243cc engine. This thing is mighty. We’re are at the top end of engine sizes for second stage snow blowers. However, it’s gas powered but has electric start. So, no fussing with the engine, pulling a cord waiting for the engine to catch, or mixing oil while out in the cold.

You get a nice quick start and are good to go.

CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower steel auger

For breaking up the ice you have a 12 in. sawtooth steel auger. This is what clears those 26 in. wide and 20 in. high paths.

CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower steel chute
CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower steel chute

Whatever snow this CRAFTSMAN picks up heads into the steel chute. The chute has a 200-degree rotation, easily controlled by a joystick easily accessible on the control panel by the grips. The blower will launch that snow up to 40 ft. in whatever direction you choose.

Speaking of controls, the handles have a comfortable ergonomic grip. The snow blower’s speed is easy to control with a simple lever on the right side. You have six forward speeds and two reserve speeds.

You may notice that the controls on this blower aren’t “high tech”. No digital control panel or overloaded with gadgets. Instead, you just have simple controls that are self-explanatory and easy to use. There is nothing overly complicated about this set-up and that’s what you want when you have snow blowing in your face and you just want to get your driveway clear so you can go back inside.

You also get two 15 in. snow tires for better control and LED headlights for better visibility in snowy weather.

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CRAFTSMAN Snow Blower Performance

Again, the snow we had was really wet. One of our employees single-stage snow blowers couldn’t even pick the snow up. You definitely need a higher-quality snow blower for this wet, freezing snow. This CRAFTSMAN 26 in. snow blower wasn’t even phased. It picked up the snow, the chute never got jammed, and it managed to still launch that snow despite how heavy it was.

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Value of CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower

As we mentioned earlier, the full retail price for this CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower out of the gate is $1,199, and at this time you can actually get $100 off at Lowe’s.

When you compare this to other snow blowers, the CRAFTSMAN snow blower is $100-200 cheaper than the comparable Cub Cadet 2X 26 in. 243cc 2-stage Snow Blower at The Home Depot. With the discount it’s the same price as the Troy-Bilt Storm 26 in. 2-stage Snow Blower, which has a lot of the same features but a smaller engine. That seems to be the trend. If a snow blower is cheaper than the CRAFTSMAN then it’s probably missing something in terms of power, features, or performance.

The CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower is a great price for a high-quality snow blower. If I wore hats I’d have to tip it to CRAFTSMAN. They did a great job with this product.

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Final Review of CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower

Overall, the CRAFTSMAN “Select 26” Snow Blower is a great second-stage gas powered snow blower. You get top-of-the-line power for a very competitive price. I say act now while it’s still $100 off at Lowe’s. But full price or not, the CRAFTSMAN 26 in. Snow Blower is a worthwhile investment.

What about you? What is your experience with CRAFTMAN snow blowers?

Let us know your model and if you recommend it or like the idea of upgrading to the new 26 in. model.


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