Work Truck Accessories to Keep You Organized & Productive


Running a business is hard, but having a reliable and efficient work truck or vehicle can make it easier. We gathered our favorite work truck accessories that can help you stay organized, productive and comfortable. Add a few of these items to your vehicle and it could practically transform your work truck into your mobile office.

Work Truck Accessories

Work Truck Accessories for Organization

Hard Hat Holder | HitchSafe Key Vault | Carhartt Seat Organizer | Folding Laptop Desk | Side Seat Storage | Car Tray Workstation

GEEDAR Hard Hat Holder

Work Truck Accessories for Organization and Productivity

I get it, hard hats are tough and should be able to handle rolling around in the back of your truck. However, save yourself the annoyance of 1) listening to your hard hat roll around, 2) having to find your hard hat every day, and/or 3) it getting stuck in hard to reach places.

Spend one minute installing this holder and you’ll have a designated spot for your hard hat.

  • Customer Review: “Purchased for our work truck, I work in the mining industry and these are a great improvement to hard hats rolling all over the back of our truck. We haven’t had a hard hat bounce off even on the roughest roads.”
  • Where to Buy: $14.99 on Amazon.

HitchSafe Key Vault

Work Truck Accessories for Organization and Productivity

Nothing is worse than getting done with a work day and discovering you locked yourself out of your work truck. This work truck accessory is the perfect failsafe to prevent lockouts, plus it can securely store a variety of backup items so you will always have what you need.

  • Customer Review: “I got this to secure an extra car key in case I lose my keys on a business trip. Installation is a no-brainer, and product is extremely solid. Highly recommended.” 
  • Where to Buy: $72.95 on Amazon.

Carhartt Seat Organizer

Work Truck Accessories for Organization and Productivity

There are tons of car organizers out there. However, this behind-the-seat organizer from Carhartt is made from reputable, durable material and is well constructed. It’s great for stashing small to medium-sized items that you need for work day-to-day.

  • Customer Review: “This is a must buy if you travel a lot or work out of your vehicle, I do both!! It’s nice to have a dedicated space for small miscellaneous items!!”
  • Where to Buy: $54.54 from Carhartt Store on Amazon.

JOYTUTUS 3-in-1 Folding Laptop Desk

Work Truck Accessories for Organization and Productivity

Some jobs require a computer, or even basic office essentials like pen and paper. You also may travel between multiple job sites and not always in your own car. This folding laptop workstation is great for someone who is constantly on new locations and changes between jobsites multiple times a day. You can even take this with you for air travel.

  • Customer Review: “I travel for work and most of the time have to write reports in my car. I ordered it so I could have a desk in my car, it has worked out great! Plenty of room and easy to set up.”
  • Where to Buy: $29.99 on Amazon.

QUICTO 2-Piece Side Seat Storage Compartment

Work Truck Accessories for Organization and Productivity

This side seat storage compartment is the perfect work truck accessory for making use out of normally wasted space. Depending on what you carry you might not have a ton of room for larger or traditional car organizers. But this might work to carry some of the essential items that you like to always have on hand.

  • Customer Review: “Fits perfectly in the car and truck. Puts the things I need for my job right where I can easily get it!”
  • Where to Buy: $8.49 on Amazon.

STUPID Car Tray Workstation 

Work Truck Accessories for Organization and Productivity

This is another workstation option. It’s nice because it can turn your passenger seat into a mobile office space. It’s easy to take in and out if you ever have passengers in your work truck. It can also be useful when you’re not working, or it’s your day to get the crew lunch and you don’t want the food and drinks spilling all over.

  • Kiaya’s Review: “My husband works in property management and uses this all day long when he does his property update reports. It holds his laptop, camera, and additional equipment. Plus, it makes a nice food and drink tray when he grabs food for me and the kids on his way home.”
  • Where to Buy: $39.95 on Amazon.

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Work Truck Accessories for Safety

First Aid Kit | Tire Step | Tire Repair Kit | Hazard Lights | Portable Jumpstart

Mobile First Aid Kit

Work Truck Accessories for Safety

You didn’t get into the trades because they were boring. While everyone should have a first aid kit in their car anyway, a first aid kit is an absolutely essential work truck accessory. We included a review from a former paramedic who noted this kit is more equipped than most to handle significant injuries. Some other reviewers added a couple more items, but overall this is a serious yet compact first aid kit.

  • Customer Review: “This is a very clean compact and organized Trauma bag. As an ex Paramedic, I always like to have a trauma kit in my car. Not one of those cheezy first aid kits with bandaids and aspirin. This kit focuses on bleeding. That is what you usually need in the event of a car crash. I added a dozen more 4X4 pads and some blood clot powder, but other than that it came with plenty of things. Now that I have checked this one out, I am ordering one for each car in the family.”
  • Where to Buy: $99.95 on Amazon.

Powerbuilt Heavy-Duty Tire Step

Work Truck Accessories for Safety

It’s great having a work truck big enough to carry all the supplies and accessories imaginable, but you still want to safely load and unload items from it. This tire mounted step fits over most truck tires and it folds up nice and compact when not in use.

  • Customer Review: “I have a full size Tundra. Getting cargo out of the front of the pickup bed, or sometimes even hooking ratchet straps is difficult. This step is amazing-easy to use, very stable, works better than I had hoped. Now I can easily get to the truck bed or under the hood without an unstable small step ladder. This is a “must have” for loading and unloading pickups or roof racks.”
  • Where to Buy: $40.99 on Amazon.

Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit

Work Truck Accessories for Safety

After you learn how to change a tire you should learn how to patch one. A construction site is the perfect place to run over something like a nail that can pierce your tire. Not only can this work truck accessory save you from waiting for AAA but it could also save your tire and save you the cost of replacing it.

  • Customer Review: “It works good. Already patched my tires two times and had no issue with it. Recommend!”
  • Where to Buy: $43.99 on Amazon.

Vehicle Hazard Lights

Work Truck Accessories for Safety

Whether you just want you and your vehicle to be more visible at times or you want to be ready in an emergency, vehicle hazard lights are a must. There are a variety of styles available. Feel free to pick a set that works best for your vehicle.

  • Customer Review: “I recently installed the HLauto 604N Emergency Dash Strobe Lights in my truck and I’m impressed! The 48 LED lights are super bright and the take-down feature is great for added safety. The controller is easy to use and the flashing patterns are highly visible. These lights are perfect for warning other drivers in emergency situations. Highly recommend!”
  • Where to Buy: Range from $30-60 on Amazon.

Portable Jump Start

Work Truck Accessories for Safety

A dead battery is always annoying. However, a vehicle battery can struggle just when dealing with heavy loads. A portable vehicle jump start kit is great to have on hand for emergencies. You won’t regret this purchase, just make sure you pick a reliable one like this one.

  • Customer Review: “I recently bought this item and just 3 weeks later it paid for itself. While winching a pickup truck onto a trailor, my battery kept dying while under load. I had to jump start my jeep 4 times with no problem. The next day, I discovered that my battery was bad and replaced it. On the same day, I jump started a Ram Duelly diesel truck, again with ease. This is a great, compact, super strong jump starter.”
  • Where to Buy: $169.99, but on sale for $99.98 on Amazon.

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Work Truck Accessories for Comfort

Driver’s Seat Lumbar Support | Anti-Slip Seat Towel | Vehicle Wipes | Interior Cleaner Spray | Odor Eliminator

KULIK SYSTEM Lumbar Support for Car

Work Truck Accessories for Comfort

Working in the trades is tough on your back, and driving jobsite to jobsite doesn’t help. This simple lumbar device is easy to install and will take the “ache” out of your daily drive. A week with this installed and it will become the work truck accessory you cannot live without.

  • Customer Review: “This is exactly the kinda back support I’ve been trying to find for my car. It let’s your hips sit back into the seat normally while giving support to your low back and spine, without pushing your shoulders forward. I’ve tried a few other options before this and this is the only one that works. I’m excited to try this out for a longer drive between cities and see how it helps.”
  • Where to Buy: $69 on Amazon.

Leader Waterproof Sweat Towel Seat Cover

Work Truck Accessories for Comfort

Trade workers are messy and so are their trucks. These towels hold up to the daily mess and regular washing required to get the gunk off of them. These towels will protect your interior, make your car easier to clean, smell better, and make your work truck more pleasant for any passengers you tow around.

  • Customer Review: “I worked 7 months as a water well driller. Lots of mud on drilling days, and the rest of the days just generally covered in dirt anyways. I have custom fit seat covers on my vehicle already but they are not meant to be coming off once a week to wash. I used one of these over the driver seat as extra protection from the dirt and mud, sometimes grabbing breakfast and coffee at 3am on the road, etc and it works great keeping my seat covers clean.”
  • Where to Buy: $29.99 on Amazon. Also available in 2-packs and in multiple colors.

Armor All Vehicle Wipes 3-pack Variety

Work Truck Accessories for Comfort

You can’t give your work truck a deep clean every day. But you can keep a handle on the day-to-day mess with these wipes. This 3-pack includes cleaning, protectant, and glass wipes. They are great to have just in case you spill something or for the odd mess that occurs.

  • Customer Review: “This is three-in-one package made cleaning my car quick, easy, and highly efficient.”
  • Where to Buy: $19.29 on Amazon.

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant Spray

Work Truck Accessories for Comfort

On days you want to give your work truck a deeper clean, this is your spray. I think I’ve even seen people use this on fabric interior. Either way, your work truck will get the spruce-up it needs with this spray.

  • Customer Review: “This and a microfiber cloth=CLEAN car. Works on all surfaces in the car- from leather, plastic, & screens. Has a very light pleasant fragrance that makes your car smell cleaned. Great car cleaner!”
  • Where to Buy: $23.94 for 2-pack on Amazon.

Chemical Guys Odor Eliminator Spray

Work Truck Accessories for Comfort

Sometimes cars just smell funky. This is great for getting out sweaty odors. It doesn’t matter what the stink is, you deserve to breathe comfortably in a car. Again, also great to spray before bringing passengers inside your truck.

  • Customer Review: “This works well with removing the odor in the vehicle.”
  • Where to Buy: $14.99 single or $39.99 3-pack on Amazon.

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Well that’s our roundup of work truck accessories. If you’ve been failing at keeping an organized work truck for awhile…then I hope these products are what finally help you turn that all around.

Let us know in the comments if you use any of these products. If so, which are your favorites? Or tell us about ones we missed.

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