Different Types of Wall Storage for Tools


Welcome to 2024! This is the year you vowed to keep your garage and workshop more organized, right? Then you’re going to need a good storage system. Today we’re reviewing different types of wall storage for tools. With the right system, anyone can keep their garage or workspace clean. So, let’s check out different kinds of wall storage and find the one that works best for you and your space.

Tool Wall Storage Guide

Benefits of Wall Storage for Tools

Here are some of my favorite reasons why wall storage for tools works great in a garage or workshop:

  • Makes use of walls which otherwise could be seen as wasted space.
  • Floor space is usually for workspace and should be open. So there isn’t a lot of room for tools. The walls allow you to utilize vertical storage.
  • Great visual storage system.
  • Wall storage is generally customizable. This allows you to store even the weirdest shaped tools that don’t seem to fit anywhere. Tools can also be stored to be more accessible.
  • Easy to DIY and can be done on any budget.

These are all my favorite reasons to use wall storage for tools. Did I miss anything? Leave a comment about why you use wall storage for tools and more.

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Types of Wall Storage for Tools

As we mentioned there are a variety of wall storage systems. Some may be more common than others and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are going over all of this so you can choose the best system for your garage or workshop.

Pegboard Wall Storage

Pegboard wall storage for tools

A pegboard system may be the most common style of wall storage for tools. It’s likely this is because it’s a very affordable system that is easy to DIY. The materials for a pegboard wall can be found at most hardware and craft stores and some supermarkets.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: A pegboard system is affordable and easy to install and customize.
  • Cons: Pegboard is lightweight and has a max carrying weight around 100 lbs. This max is lighter than some other options.

Pegboard Materials

We found standard pegboards along with hooks and accessories at The Home Depot, ACE Hardware, and Amazon. The standard style pegboards range from around $15-$40. Hooks and accessories (many available as kits) were anywhere from $9-$35.

A pegboard and your choice of hooks and accessories are all you need for a pegboard wall. Installing the wall is pretty simple as well. The only tools you need for that are a measuring tape, drill, screws, level, circular saw, stud finder, pencil, and eye and ear protection.

How to Hang a Pegboard

The Home Depot has a great video tutorial that walks you through all the steps of hanging a pegboard.

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French Cleat Wall Storage

French cleat wall storage for tools

Pegboards may be the most common type of wall storage, but French cleat shelves may be one of the oldest and most reliable storage systems. In fact, French cleats date back to the 1800s.

A French cleat is generally made from a piece of wood that has a 45-degree angle that points down and the flat top rests on the back of another piece of wood. The angle allows the cleat to sit securely into place and has fairly a strong hold. It also results in a clean look that hides screws and anchors.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Strong carrying weight capacity, it looks nice, completely customizable, easy to rearrange, and can be made from scratch or with store-bought materials/systems.
  • Cons: From scratch systems can be time consuming and require some construction skill (or you’ll gain some), can be expensive, and more labor intensive to put up or take down.

French Cleat Storage Wall Materials

As we mentioned, French cleat storage system kits are available. However, if you want to make your own, custom French cleat storage wall then you are going to need a lot of plywood, measuring tape, a level, circular or table saw, stud finder, pencil, drill, screws, and eye and ear protection.

The materials you need for a French cleat system are not much different than what you need for a pegboard system. However, if you’re going the custom route it’s just going to take a lot more time, precision, and skill. You can also use a lot of similar accessories, such as hooks and baskets.

How to Build & Install a French Cleat Storage Wall

The Family Handyman has a great step-by-step article on building a French cleat tool storage wall.

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Steel & Magnetic Wall Storage

Magnetic Pegboard storage system

[Special mention: TIA reviewed the Wall Control System back in 2019. We liked it then and still think it is a great pegboard/magnetic hybrid system. Pictured above, Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Black Toolboard and Black Accessories on Amazon for $133.51. You can use Wall Control Hooks and Accessories, as well as any magnetic hooks you like. There are even some hook-and-loop magnetic straps that offer even more storage and organizational options.]

All-magnetic storage walls are probably the newest wall storage system for tools, at least that we’ll talk about today. These systems are getting more popular because magnets are getting better. Magnets also allow you to not just use your wall, but any magnetic surface in your garage or workshop. This can include tables, toolboxes, work benches, and so on.

There are a few different systems out there. Metal magnetic pegboards have been around for a while. They add a little extra holding power to your traditional pegboard system. Steel wall mount or steel bar storage system are other options. With this style you have freeform magnets, hooks and accessories that you can place anywhere you want and are not limited to peg holes or fixed shelves.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Strong carrying capacity, can offer a more secure magnetic hold, and can be used on any magnetic surface, easy to install and modify.
  • Cons: Magnetic walls, hooks and accessories cost more, especially magnets strong enough to hold tools. Also, unless you have an auto-release magnetic they can be difficult to adjust.

Magnetic Storage Wall Materials

A magnetic pegboard or steel wall mount, plus magnetic hooks and accessories is all you need for the actual board.

For installation you need drill, screws, level, stud finder, and pencil. Some magnetic steel bars only require the adhesive they come with, but I recommend something stronger for tool storage. But all-in-all you actually need less supplies than the other storage walls.

How to Install a Magnetic Storage Wall for Tools

Gator Magnetics has a tutorial on how to install steel wall mounts. This process is actually pretty similar to magnetic pegboards and other magnetic wall systems.

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So pegboard, French cleat, and magnets are the most popular styles of storage walls for tools. Which one do you like the most or think you are going to try in your space? Better yet, share your setup with us! Show us what interesting items you’ve managed to store with your wall storage system.

Did you like this article on organization? Stay tuned for more articles this month to help you stay organized in 2024.


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