Wall Control Review

Wall Control Review

If there is one thing you know about me, it is how much I truly love garage organization. There is little that can excite me more than walking out into my shop and knowing that every tool has a place. When it comes to garage organization you have a lot of options. Tool Chests, shelves, cabinets and the like are all great options. Well, what if you want things right in arms reach? Well, that leaves you with a pegboard, but can that really hold up to the abuse you may inflict? Odds are, no. Today we check out a really unique answer to the wall storage conundrum in the Wall Control Review.

Wall Control Review Overview

Wall Control has some unique history. The founders of Wall Control originally ran a multi-generation tool and die shop right here in the US. That shop has grown tremendously over that last fifty years and is now an award-winning manufacturer from satellite panels to automobile components. Since 2002 they have also included the production and distribution of the Wall Control System.

Wall Control offers a wide range of solutions to every storage obstacle you could encounter in a garage setting. Wall Control sees five main issues with existing wall storage options like pegboard and the like. Traditionally, they aren’t durable, they lack strength, versatility is limited and installation can be tedious not to mention they aren’t always attractive. So how did they seek to correct this? Well, we are going to see how their idea took shape to create an unstoppable garage organization system.

Wall Control Review Features

Wall Control Review

So let’s start with the panels. Wall Control designed their panels to measure 32 inches tall by 16 inches wide. The panels use 20 Gauge Steel that is 10 times stronger than regular pegboard. Additionally, the formed flange provides even more stability to each panel.

Wall Control Review

I opted for the Galvanized Steel panels, but Wall Control has a wide variety of colors and options to choose from as well as alternative panel styles.

Wall Control Review

You can mount using drywall anchors or mount directly into the studs, and conveniently the 16-inch width allows easy attachment to most standard stud spacing. Using 6 included screws or anchors, you can quickly attach these panels with a simple drill. Combining multiple panels is simple and allows you to create a wall of organization based on your needs and allow for easy expansion.

Wall Control Review

Wall Control uses a slotted board to work with their patented hooks and accessories but will also accept standard ¼ inch pegboard hooks should the need arise.

Wall Control Review

One of the highlights of Wall Control is their array of hooks, and accessories that work with the system. I’ll talk about the ones I received in the kits, which I picked based on my needs, but there are many more to choose from. Their accessories are available in a wide range of color options using powder coated finishes.

Wall Control Review

Plastic Hanging Bins with Bin Hangers

Wall Control Review

Shelf Assembly, both 9 inch and 6 inch and dividers for even more organization.

Wall Control Review

Hammer Holder keeps a hammer stable and secure, and within reach when you need it.

Wall Control Review

Screwdriver Holder comes with a mounting bracket that can hold a total of six screwdrivers per set.

Wall Control Review

Spray Can holder can hold four total cans, and is also ideally sized for common wood glue bottles.

Wall Control Review

A dowel rod and holder for adding commonly used items like shop towels or another great idea would be holding rolls of tape.

Hooks of all sizes are available, from small ones great for organizing items like wrenches to large hooks perfect for handling power tools or holding heavy duty extension cords.

Wall Control Review Performance

There is genuinely not a negative thing I could say about the Wall Control System. Ultimately the hardest part is settling on exactly how you want it and not changing it 1000 times. You can see my process in its various stages, but I am honestly not quite settled yet. It’s easy to use, easy to adjust and makes the tools I use the most easily accessible. There is an incredible amount of options to make this system exactly what you want, from adjustments for clamp storage, holding power tools, or hand tools. You really have every option you can dream up with Wall Control, and from what I can tell, they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Installation was a breeze, especially for me. Because I was going through 1-inch plywood that was already mounted to studs, I had a breeze installing the Wall Control panels. They are packaged neatly and efficiently, nothing came damaged which is something I have seen happen often in other systems. I appreciate their user-friendly design and I love the look of it. Installing the hooks was simple too. For better grip, the O-Rings make a significant difference in keeping the hooks secured to the panels.

Wall Control uses powder-coated finishes on their painted panels and accessories, something that is definitely indicative of the higher quality and attention to detail they put in their work. Both professional shops and homeowners alike have seen great success with Wall Control, and it is easy to see why.

You have a wide variety of colors, styles, and options for all kinds of storage needs. While I focused on its use in my shop today, make no mistake, I have every intention of organizing some other areas in my home. Imagine what a system like this could do in a laundry room or office? The potential is certainly there to transform a lot of areas prone to clutter and make them the organized space you’ve always dreamed of.

Wall Control Review Value

Wall Control is definitely not the least expensive wall organization available on the market, but I would be very hard pressed to believe there was any better. I combined several sets, and there is a wide variety of value packages you can see browsing their website.

The 8 foot Metal Pegboard Master Workbench Kit– Includes 6 panels, a 9-inch shelf assembly, 2 9-inch shelf dividers, 1 6-inch shelf assembly, 15 plastic bins with hangers, 1 dowel rod, and 4-inch shelf assembly, 1 spray can holder, 2 screwdriver holders, 2 hammer holders and an additional 22 hooks and brackets.  This set, item #30-WRK-800-GV Retails at 299.99.

The 4-Foot Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit – Includes 3 panels, 1 9-inch shelf assembly, 1 6-inch shelf assembly, 3 plastic hanging bins and hanger, 1 screwdriver holder, 1 hammer holder and a total of 20 additional hooks and brackets. This set, Item #30-WRK-400-GV rings in at $139.99 and is available from Wall Control.

The 4-Foot Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer Starter Kit– Includes 2 panels, 12 standard hools with a 3/4 inch reach, 4 medium hooks with a 1-7/8 inch reach, 2 long hooks with a 6-inch reach and 2 U-Hooks with a 3-inch reach. This set, Item # 30-WGL-210-GV is $49.99 on Wall Controls Website.

The panels are high quality as well as all of the accessories. To me, this is a great investment in making your space as functional as possible. Wall Control has a Limited Lifetime Warranty, standing behind their products for the long haul and you know you have protection for your investment. For detailed information on that, visit the Wall Control Website.

Wall Control Review Final Thoughts

Wall Control is easily the most well executed Wall Storage System I have seen to date. You certainly have options on the market, but none that I have seen come close to the quality as Wall Control. With easy installation, well-made materials and a wide range of options you can truly make a Wall Control set up that best works for your needs and space. It is easy to install and adjust, you can easily expand it, and it has a warranty that makes it quite simply a good value.  All in all, I would definitely recommend you give a Wall Control system a look for your storage needs.

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wall-control-reviewWall Control seems to have a solution for virtually every storage dilemma you could encounter. By offering high-quality panels that are durable and strong, as well as an excellent array of well-designed accessories, they have a winning combination of quality and versatility. Wall Control checks every box on the list of features you could want in garage storage, and they do it well.


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